How To Hang Up Dress Pants & Dress Shirts

People say that an organized life starts with an organized room and more so, a well-arranged closet. Keeping your things in order will keep you from having to sort through your dresser and desks to look for what you need. Organizing your things can also help clear your mind.

Hanging your dress pants and dress shirts properly will keep your wardrobe organized. It will save you time from looking for that perfect outfit that you will need for the day. Moreover, properly hung dress pants and dress shirts will save you a lot of time from ironing your clothes again and again when the time comes that you want to wear them. Properly stored clothes will sure give you that crisp and professional look every time.
Hanging up your dress pants and dress shirts is quick and easy if you follow these very simple steps:

Dress Pants:

  • Before anything else, make sure that all zippers and buttons are closed or fastened. This will keep your dress pants from creasing or wrinkling unnecessarily.
  • Hold your dress pants upside down, with the bottom cuffs in your hands.
  • Focus on one leg of the pants and make sure that the outer and inner seams are aligned. If you intentionally iron your dress pants with creases on the front and back, this should be aligned as well.
  • Do the same procedure to the other leg of the pants.
  • Hold both cuffs in your hands and align all four seams of the legs of the pants.
  • Lay your folded dress pants on a flat surface and ensure that there are no creases or wrinkles where they do not need to be.
  • Slide your dress pants down the hanger halfway.
  • Lift the hanger and, again, make sure that there are no unnecessary creases or wrinkles.
  • Align your dress pants accordingly to keep it from sliding of the hanger.
  • Store your dress pants.

Dress Shirts:

  • After ironing your dress shirt, lay it down on a flat surface with its buttons unfastened and its collar down.
  • Slide it inside the hanger, pulling up one sleeve at a time. It is best to use a thick hanger for your dress shirt to keep the top of the sleeves or the shoulders from bumping unnecessarily.
  • Pick up the hanger and carefully, button your dress shirt, including the cuffs to avoid creasing or wrinkling. Make sure that all buttons, zippers, or hooks are closed or fastened. Buttoning down your dress shirt will keep it from creasing when stored with your other clothes.
  • Store your dress shirt.

If it is true that an organized room means an organized life, then your dresser is a good place to begin. Hang your dress pants and dress shirts properly and keep them nice and crisp, ready to be worn anytime.

Additionally, remember that storing your dress pants and dress shirts properly will not only keep your room organized, but will also make your clothes last longer.


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