How To Hang Wall Art – A Simple Tip

Wall art is always a great addition to any room. Through the use of wall art, you can decorate a room and bring out its beauty, display and be reminded of memories of your trips and important happenings in life or even set or emphasize the mood of the place.

Deciding where and how to hang your wall art can be very tricky but it is an inexpensive way of decorating your home. To hang your wall art, all you need is a drill and a few hooks or screws.

Below are simple tips on hanging wall art:

  • Decide which wall art or arts you want to put up. If you are planning to hang a group of wall art, it is best to set a theme and sort out the art works. For example, if you plan to hang pictures of your loved ones, you can print all of them in black and white to add a sense of nostalgia, at the same time setting just one theme that will make the group of wall art complement each other.
  • Determine the arrangement of your wall art. Before you start drilling holes on the wall, you have to be sure of the placement of your wall art, especially if you are using more than one. You can do this by laying the frames out on the floor or any flat surface and measuring the spaces between the frames. Scale it on a piece of paper so you can easily transfer the measurements on the wall. You also measure your frames by tracing it on a piece of paper and setting them on the wall.
  • Determine where you want to hang your wall art. The standard positioning of an art work on the wall is at eye level. This is roughly 57 to 60 inches from the floor. Of course, if you are hanging wall art in a child’s room, position it at his eye level. Choose an empty wall in your room where you want to hang your wall art. If you are hanging a wall art above some kind of furniture, put it up around four to eight inches high. Remember that lighting is also an important factor in displaying wall art. Make sure that the lighting complements your wall art instead of destroy it by producing light glare or reflection.
  • Measure and mark where you want the hooks on your wall. If you are hanging framed wall art, measure the length of its frame or the frame of the centerpiece of your wall art, divide it by two, and add 57 to 69 inches to the quantity you obtained. Mark this spot as to this is where you will be attaching your hook.

You should also remember that color is one of the basic elements of visual arts. Make sure that the colors of your frames and art work complement each other so that you get the mood that you want going in your room.

With these basic tips on hanging wall art, you should be able to achieve the perfect balance of the placement of your art.


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