Harness Wind Energy at Home: Wind Generated Power

Consider Using Wind Turbines for Homes

Wind turbines

Wind energy is a clean, natural source of power. As the cost of oil and other fuels rises, your home power needs are becoming costly. Wind energy facts suggest that this can be a great source of alternative energy and power.

Millions of Americans are on a quest to reduce their energy bills with home wind energy and do their part to reduce environmental impact. This involves purchasing a kit and following a plan for successful installation. 

Try some of these simple steps to learn how to harness wind energy at home.

  1. Analyze your power consumption. Home wind energy is an excellent natural source if you live in an area with consistent air movement. Find out what your power needs are so you can determine if wind generated power will work for you.
  2. Check local building codes. One of the biggest hindrances to home wind energy is that neighbors tend to complain about large turbines in the backyard. In some areas, wind turbines will not be permitted due to code requirements. Contact your local government before planning.
  3. Plan the system. You can install wind turbines for homes yourself. However, if you do not have electrical experience, the best thing is to hire a professional with both wind power and electrical experience. A technician experienced with home wind energy can help you install the turbine in the best possible location for your property. The wind turbine should be placed so that there is consistent wind at a moderate rate. While it seems like you would want to place the turbine where there are huge gusts of high wind, this is counterproductive because the turbine needs to turn at a steady rate to generate power.
  4. Install the tower and turbine. Follow the instructions provided in the kit you purchase to install the tower and turbine. Remember that the tower will need to be strong enough to harness the wind energy even during storms, so it will need to be secured to the ground.
  5. Connect the tower to the power system of the house. Follow the kit instructions so that the tower and turbine will convert the wind energy into electricity that your home can use.
  6. Harness the wind energy and use it at home. Home wind energy can be used to power your entire home or just portions of it.

Wind energy at home may be the green power option you are looking for. Do your research to be sure that your property is situated to get the benefits of a wind turbine and to be sure your local area will allow one on the property. Once you build the tower and turbine you may even find yourself with more power than your home needs.


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