How To Have Bulletproof Glass Installed

If you are an ambassador, government official, entrepreneur or someone living in hostile places, you may want to have your house, store, bank, car, delivery truck, other vehicles, etc. bulletproofed. Bulletproofing is essential, especially in terrorist attracting activities like inaugurations, speeches and world leaders’ meetings. There are wide varieties of security equipment like bulletproof vests, transaction points, counters, windows, doors, frames, etc. These all are required if you want total security in both business and life. Let us focus on the most famous of these bulletproof materials – the bulletproof glass.

A bulletproof glass is a glass that has the ability to stop bullets from going through the other side. It is done by flattening the bullet, therefore, distributing the force of the bullet to a bigger area and preventing the penetration. Bulletproof glass is made up of hard transparent material such as polycarbonate glass, which is commonly laminated in layers of glass and plastic. The use of plastic in the lamination is to prevent the glass from shattering when hammered. Since there are multiple layers of different materials in a bulletproof glass, the protective glass is commonly thick and heavy. There are bulletproof glasses available in the market with lighter weight but with higher costs.

Installation of bulletproof glass is quite costly, so the best way to have it installed is to rely on a company that provides professional service. One of these companies is Total Security Solutions for general construction of bulletproof facilities and car upgrades. Another company is CAV (Custom Armored Vehicle) where you can buy a car. You can also just put a bulletproof film on the window to protect it from bullets. Putting a bulletproof film in a glass is just like tinting it. There are other requirements to make the bulletproof film endure heavier impact. But if you insist on installing bulletproof glass yourself or if you need the idea on how the installation should be done, read on.

For installing bulletproof glass in a house or store:

  1. Make sure that the frame to be used for the protective glass is also bulletproof and sturdy. The bulletproof glass is useless if the frame can be pierced and destroyed by the bullets.
  2. In case the security glass is to be installed on counters, make sure that the foundation is also sturdy or bulletproof. What’s the sense of a bulletproof glass if the foundation is weak?
  3. The strength of the bulletproof glass depends on its thickness, so make sure you install the appropriate glass thickness.
  4. Install the bulletproof glass just the way an ordinary glass window is installed.

For installing bulletproof glass in a car as a windshield and windows:

  1. Apart from changing the overall body of your car to make it bulletproof, several adjustments are still needed to make the thick bulletproof glass fit to your windows and windshield area.
  2. After installation of bulletproofing equipment, including the protective glasses and bulletproof armor, the weight of the car will change drastically. Engine, suspension, tires and breaks adjustments should also be made.

Bulletproofing a car requires a lot of time, labor and money so it is best if you just buy a bulletproof car or let professionals do it. But of course, the price is quite high. To protect yourself more, try wearing a bulletproof jacket or tactical body armor.


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