How To Heat a Home Cheaply

As the cost of electricity and fuel increase, so does your heating bill. There are simple ways to maximize your home’s heating while minimizing the bills you have to pay. You have to make sure your home has an efficient heating system. Here are some simple ways to keep your home warm without spending too much.

  • Maintain your home’s insulation by sealing window and door gaps with removable window caulk. If you do not have a window caulk yet, then place some towels or thick cloth in between gaps in the meantime.
  • Make sure all the doors and windows are closed when you leave the house so it will not take much heat to make the temperature more comfortable when you get back. Close the doors of all the bedrooms and bathrooms to further avoid “leaking”. This is practical especially if your heating is not centralized and you only stay in one room most times. It is best to close the door to this heated room to keep the warmth longer, saving you money in electricity or gas payments.
  • Close the windows to keep the cold air out, but let the sunlight in to warm up your home during sunny days. Use plastic cover in place of a cloth curtain, or a light colored shower curtain to let as much sunlight in. If it is raining or snowing, then a thick cloth curtain is more ideal.
  • Install controls for your heater, in such a way that you can shut off different areas of the house if there is no one occupying the rooms. Also make sure that the thermostats are working. A broken thermostat will waste too much gas or electricity because the furnace will run continuously without limit, and it may excessively heat up your home.
  • Home cook meals when it is chilly outside. Conventional cooking (not microwave instant cooking) produces heat from the stove that will add to the warmth of the house. It is best to bake, though, to avoid producing steam. Steam will make the air damp and humid, which in turn will make the air feel thick that you would want to open the windows. Oven baking, however, will produce less steam and will keep the air comfortably warm. Just make sure the kitchen windows are closed.
  • Use a heating pad and heated blankets in bed. You can keep the room temperature a little cool and use these heating pads and blankets for a more comfortable sleep. At night, you can cool down other areas of the house and concentrate on heating the bedrooms.
  • It is good to slowly adjust your body to cooler temperatures by setting the room temperatures one degree lower every several days, until you reach a low temperature that you are comfortable with. Wear clothes that are thick enough, or thermal underwear, so you need not heat up the room too much.
  • If you have a fireplace and you are not going to use it, make sure you have fireplace doors to prevent warm air from leaking up the chimney.

If you have a very old furnace, it is best to purchase a new one and install it before the winter season starts.


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