How To Hide an Electrical Cord

Electrical cords can be a nuisance. People can trip over them and they also make a room seem messy. Some people opt to go wireless on their devices to eliminate the electrical cords. However, not all gadgets and equipment come wireless. You should know how you can hide an electrical cord so that your home will appear cleaner and it will also be safer for people to walk around.

Follow the tips provided to hide an electrical cord:

  • Hide behind or under furniture. When you are using a device with an electrical cord, you must make sure that there is an electrical outlet nearby so that you do not have the cord lying around the house. If there is furniture nearby, such as a couch or a table, you can hide the wire under. Another option that you have is to mount the cord along the leg of the table to hide it. Use quality tape to mount it there.
  • Use WireMate. The WireMate is a cord organizer that you can use if you have plenty of cords on your work station. This is a useful item to have for home theater systems or for your computer area. The WireMate consists of the base and the cover. On the base, there are clamps where you can arrange and roll the electrical cords. There is enough room for several cords on the WireMate. The other part is the cover. The cover makes sure that the electrical cords are hidden from view. You can mount the organizer on your table or at the back of your entertainment system. Purchase the WireMate from
  • Use cable raceways. A cable raceway is something that you can use if you cannot avoid lying down the electrical cord down on the floor. The cable raceway is an enclosure for the wire so that it is not exposed. They come in different sizes and lengths. You will just have to insert the electrical cord inside the cable raceway and mount the raceway in your home. It is best to use the raceway on the corners of the room for a more organized look. You can buy some cable raceways from the website
  • Use cord clips. Cord clips are small pieces of plastic that you can use for anchoring your electrical cords. These are for small cords such as cable wires, computer wires or small devices. The cord clips have an adhesive at the back so that you can mount the cords against the wall and hide them. This will keep your home looking clean and organized. You can get 3M cord clips from

Now you can hide your electrical cords by following these tips. You can also paint over the wire covers and raceways the same color as the paint on your wall. This will camouflage the cable cases and it will look nicer in your home. Be sure to keep your cords untangled to prevent having damages on the wires inside.


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