How To Hide Extension Cords

Seeing extension cords around your appliances could be a terrible mess, and not only are these cords unsightly, they could be a safety hazard as well. This is especially true if you have toddlers who could trip over them or pull on them. Do be encouraged, however, that there are smart ways that you could effectively hide the extension cords around your house. Here are some ideas to help you out:

  • Have a multi-outlet adapter. So that you won’t have wires running all over your house, you can centralize them into one multi-outlet adapter. Choose a compact one that takes up little space.
You might notice that cellphone chargers are especially bulky and tend to take up too much space in your adapter. You could buy special adapters that have different individual plugs connected to a centralized adapter. This way, you could plug in your cellphone charger but still have plenty of room for plugging in other electronic devices. 
  • Buy cable clips. Cable clips are tools that help you direct an extension cord  towards a socket; you stick these clips onto surfaces, and as the name implies, they clip the cords and help avoid the appearance of a tangled mess. You could buy cable clips with colorful and funky designs, making your cord actually a part of a decorating feature. Look for cable clips at hardware stores.
  • Buy a specially-designed extension cord spool. You could wind extension cords around an extension cord spool, which looks like the kind of spool used to contain thread. The best part is, once you put the cord around this cylindrical spool, you can then push down the spool and make it into a compact circle. You could buy these extension cord spools in hardware stores.
  • Buy an extension cord tube. This works for extension cords that are running down from a surface, such as an office desk, for example. You can consolidate all these extension cords and place them all through one long tube, and then zip up this tube. Instead of lots of messy extension cords you will have one tube running down from the surface towards the electric socket.
  • Buy a cord protector. A cord protector, also known as a corduct or a cord concealer, is made to hide cords and stick them to the floor. A corduct is a kind of flat tube that you could put at a discreet area on the floor, and you would just have to put the cords through it (most cord protectors could accommodate up to three cords). The best way is to choose a corduct that is the same color as the floor (but not the exact same shade, so that people can still see it and won’t trip over it). This way, instead of different cords on the floor, you’d have a single polished-looking corduct that conforms to the design of your home.

Remember, it’s definitely worth it to hide extension cords not just to make your home look more neat and organized but to help you avoid possible safety hazards as well.


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