How To Hook a Surveillance Camera to a Computer Monitor

Some homes and offices install surveillance cameras for security reasons. This is very useful especially if you are always out of your house or if you are traveling. The surveillance camera can be hooked to a computer monitor so that you can see the live feed of what the camera is catching. The steps in hooking up a surveillance camera to a computer monitor are quite easy.

Follow the simple steps that are provided below so that you can hook a surveillance camera to a computer monitor:

  • Items that you need. The items that you will need are a computer monitor, VGA cable, a composite video cable and camera to VGA converter box. You can purchase these items from any computer or electronics store.
  • Attach the camera to VGA converter box. The first thing that you have to do is to attach the surveillance video camera to the VGA converter box. To do this, get the RCA video cable. The end that you will need is the yellow plug. Plug one end to the yellow hole on the VGA converter box and attach the other end on the yellow hole on the video camera. Make sure that the ends are connected security.
  • Attach the VGA converter box to monitor. Next, attach the VGA converter box to the monitor of the computer that you are going to use. Connect the VGA cable of the computer on the converter box.
  • Connect monitor to converter box. Attach the computer monitor to the VGA converter box with the use of a VGA to VGA cable connector. You will be able to find the port for the VGA cable at the back of the monitor.
  • Check for the resolution. Make sure that all the devices are connected to a power supply. These are the computer monitor, the surveillance camera and the VGA converter box. Now you can check to see if the surveillance camera video shows up on your computer monitor. You can change the resolution of the video by setting the options that are located on the converter box.

Follow these tips for installing your surveillance camera for maximum protection:

  • Mount the camera on a high place. It is better to mount the surveillance camera at a high angle, especially if you are monitoring a large area so that you will have more coverage. Keep obstructions away from the camera’s view.
  • Concentrate on important areas. Place your surveillance camera in places where you need to monitor the most. These can be your gate, entrance door, opening of a vault, backdoor, etc. Robbers are most likely to go to these places so you can easily catch them if they try to enter your home.

These are the steps that you can follow if you want to hook a surveillance camera to a computer monitor. The steps are really easy to follow. If you want to hook up multiple cameras to multiple computer monitors, you may want to call an electrician to do it for you.


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