How To Improve Your Kitchen Layout

Great kitchens have enough space. Yes, even if your space is literally small and limited, you can always find ways to maximize what you got. You can enhance your kitchen by going through the specific areas and thinking of ways on how you can use them efficiently and productively. Here are some of the steps that can let you improve your kitchen layout:

  • Take away clutters. Let your kitchen breathe. Remove everything that isn’t useful there - old boxes, empty bottles, broken wares. You may even have some food products that already expired. They are definitely useless. So, discard them promptly. They just occupy precious space in your kitchen. You should be able to do the sprucing up regularly, at least once a year.
  • Have some wall or ceiling racks. Install some so you can conveniently store your pans and pots there. Make sure to mount the racks somewhere near your stove to save you time in reaching out for your cooking utensils. If you simply place your pans and pots anywhere, you carelessly use up space.
  • Customize your compartments. As much as you can, have some deep drawers. They can make maximize storage space for the little stuff that you need to keep. You can talk to a carpenter and discuss what you intend to put in those personalized storage spaces. He can execute your ideas and you can have your compartments in no time. If you have some basic carpentry skills, you may even consider building your own project. It should be fun and exciting to finish.
  • Move out your food items from your cupboards. You can store them in bins, containers, or baskets, conveniently positioned in your kitchen. When properly placed, they can even serve as great décors. You can also check out how your refrigerator can better accommodate your food items.
  • Rearrange your cabinets. See to it that you can get anything you want inside without any hassles. So, don’t just stack items inside your cabinets. You don’t want to spend and waste time just looking for one small item that you need to use. Put some system on how you store the items there. You can even consider replacing your old, bulky, regular cabinets with shelving that are tiered or can be pulled out. You can get them from shops or you can commission a carpenter to build them according to your instructions.
  • Plan out the items near your ref and sink. It is wise to gather all items for food preparation near them. That can save you time and effort when cooking your specialties. There should be an ample counter space to do your cooking preparation. Organize your table ware and cleaning supplies near or under your sink.
  • Place some trash containers. They can serve well if you intend recycle your trash. You can also have a trash compactor if your wish to reduce your garbage instantaneously.

Once your layout has been enhanced, consider placing some security features. Place a fire extinguisher. It should be accessible from your stove, where fire emanates. It is also practical to have a smoke detector to alert you whenever necessary.


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