How To Increase Security with a Digital Deadbolt Lock

Aside from eliminating the problem with lost keys, installing a digital deadbolt lock in your house also increases your security. With all of its batteries, drive mechanism, CPU, deadbolt latch, CPB, and other vital parts situated on the inside part of the door, there’s no way intruders can access them to break in to your house. The only thing you have to worry about is letting up on your guard and compromising the combination for your deadbolt lock. To avoid this, read the following tips below:

  • Research information on digital deadbolt locks. Before purchasing a digital deadbolt lock, research which deadbolt lock lines offer the best security. Talk with hardware personnel and read online articles to get reviews. Take your time to do this. Remember that your family’s security is dependent on the quality of the digital deadbolt you choose.
  • Know how your digital deadbolt lock works. Read the manual that comes with your digital deadbolt lock. Know the functions of each of your lock’s buttons and test them. Getting yourself familiar with the lock helps you maximize its security features.   
  • Choose a secure PIN code. Don’t make the mistake of using your Social Security number, birthday, or anniversary, as your Personal Identification Number (PIN) code. Using any of these as your PIN code makes it easy for other people to guess your PIN code and access your house. They just have to know some information about you and they can break in your house any time. Instead, opt to create a password from the top of your head. Don’t worry too much about memorizing your PIN code. It’ll stick on your mind once you get used to entering it on your lock.
  • Don’t tell your PIN code to anyone. Your pin code serves as your key to the digital deadbolt lock. Telling it to another person is like giving that person a duplicate key to your house. Because of this, don’t give your PIN code to anyone, except to the people living with you. If you accidentally told someone your lock’s PIN code, change your PIN code immediately.
  • Regularly change your PIN code. As it is recommended to change your email’s password regularly, it is also advised to replace your digital deadbolt lock’s PIN code at least twice a year to increase security. Habitually changing your PIN code makes your PIN code harder to guess. However, don’t forget to notify the people living with you whenever you change the lock’s PIN code; otherwise they will not be able to enter your house. If you’re having a hard time thinking a new PIN  code for your lock, ask ideas from the other people living with you.
  • When in doubt, ask for help. Never hesitate to ask the store or manufacturer of the digital deadbolt lock if there’s something about the lock that you don’t understand. Having a full knowledge of the lock will help you use its features to better protect your home from intruders. Ask nicely and the store or manufacturer would gladly help you.

Inform the people living with you of whatever you find out from your chosen deadbolt lock to make it easy for them to use. Also, explain to them the importance of keeping the lock’s PIN code strictly to their selves. If you do all of these, you can be sure that you’ll get the maximum protection out of your digital deadbolt lock.


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