How To Install a Badger Garbage Disposal

A kitchen will never be complete without a garbage disposal. It is one of the most effective tools in helping keep the kitchen clean and sanitary. Since the kitchen is where we all do our food preparation and cooking, keeping it clean and sanitary is paramount as the whole family’s health depends on how clean you keep the kitchen.

The garbage disposal unit over the past few years has become quite essential to a modern, sanitized and clean kitchen that it is quite impossible to build a kitchen without making room for a garbage disposal unit. And one of the best brands in garbage disposal units is Badger.

Installing a Badger garbage disposal unit in your kitchen is usually done when your kitchen is being renovated or built, but in the event that you have to install it manually, below are a few steps to help you do it.

Before installation, make sure you have the following items:

  • Pipe wrench / channel lock pliers
  • Screwdriver
  • Wire nuts
  • Plumber’s putty / sealant
  • Power supply cord

Now follow the steps below:

  • Safety first. Make sure you’re wearing appropriate protection for your eyes and hands. Turn off the electricity in the kitchen by flipping the appropriate switches in your house’s fuse box. Always use the tools as directed and never use improvised tools as those are as unsafe as can be.
  • Read the directions. Your garbage disposal unit will come with an instruction manual. This is the most important document that comes with the garbage disposal unit as it contains installation information, operating procedures and warranty information. Read this front to back and make sure that you understand the directions when it comes to installing and operating the garbage disposal unit.
  • Prep the sink. You’ll need to make room under the sink to install the unit. Take your channel-lock pliers or pipe wrench and loosen the nuts that link the sink’s drain pipe to the sink’s strainer flange and the P-trap. Take out the pipe and flange then clean out the plumber’s putty away from the fitting of the sink.
  • Seal it. Take your sealant or plumber’s putty and spread it across the top opening of the drain. Press the Quick-Lock flange into the proper position then place the mounting rings and gasket over the lowest part of the flange. Tighten the bolts using a screwdriver. Make sure you secure this tightly onto the sink.
  • Electrical work. Using your screwdriver, remove the panel window from underneath the disposal unit for access. This will make the wiring visible, the ones you need to connect. Utilize the wire nuts to put together like-colored wires from the unit to its power cord. Match the white, green and black wires accordingly.
  • Mount it. At the top of the unit, match up the 3 mounting tabs with the locks found within the mounting ring. Rotate the mounting rings until these tabs are secured and locked firmly in place.
  • Finish up. You’re almost done! Position the gasket that came with the unit over and through the discharge shoot’s opening. Attach the P-trap and the discharge tube together with the screws and tighten the nuts with the channel-lock pliers or pipe wrench.

After completing the steps above, turn the power back on and test the unit. If any problems occur, refer to the troubleshooting guide present in most manuals. You can also check online for troubleshooting tips with your newly installed garbage disposal unit.


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