How To Install a Bathroom Toilet Paper Holder

When you’re remodeling your bathroom for whatever reason, sometimes you forget that bathroom peripherals like soap dishes, towel bars, toilet paper holders and other such items can be a big help in helping you complete the theme or look you’ve imagined for your bathroom. These small items can help tie together the different design elements of your bathroom and make it not only a comfort room, but an aesthetically pleasing room as well. The most important among these peripherals is the toilet paper holder.

Installing a toilet paper holder is quite easy to do. You’ll need the materials below:

  • Pencil
  • Electronic stud finder
  • Drill and drill bits
  • screwdriver

Follow the steps below in learning how to install your bathroom toilet paper holder.

  • Location, location, location. You need to situate the toilet paper holder in a convenient location from the toilet itself. You need to be able to reach for it and take toilet paper without putting yourself in painful, uncomfortable positions. It’s best that you sit on the toilet and decide from there where you want the toilet paper holder to be.
  • Mount securely. Some toilet paper holders are just held on the wall using either adhesive tape or solvent. This isn’t a good idea because you need it to be fastened securely on the wall. Pick a toilet paper holder that has at least one screw needed to mount it. There are currently four types of fasteners: plastic inserts, self-tapping aluminum inserts, molly bolts and toggle bolts. Decide which you will use then begin the mounting process.
  • Set in place. Position the toilet paper holder where you want it then use an electronic stud finder to locate the studs in the wall. Mark them with a pencil.
  • Drill it in. Using the marks you made in step 3, use your drill and make the appropriate holes for mounting. You need to know what kind of drill bit to use to make the holes for the mounting screws so check the instructions that came with your toilet paper holder.
  • Install. Depending on the type of toilet paper holder you’ve chosen, you may need to install hollow-wall fasteners. After installing that, simply mount the toilet paper holder using screws or bolts. Use the appropriate tools necessary and never improvise tools. Make sure that you do not over tighten the screws if you’re installing on ceramic tiles as they may crack. Some toilet paper holders don’t mount directly to the wall. You first have to screw a mounting plate to the wall and mount the holder on that. Always refer to the instructions that come with the toilet paper holder on what kind you have.

There’s an old joke that says that the best seat in the house is the toilet. This is probably true as the comfort room isn’t called that for any reason. Installing a toilet paper holder will make the best seat in the house a comfortable place to be.


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