How To Install a Drop in Sink

A drop sink is typically seen in the kitchen but it is sometimes also used in the bathroom. The drop sink is different from the standard sink because it is installed on a hole on the countertop while other sinks are installed underneath the counter. Installing a drop sink is not as hard as you imagine. You only need a few materials. Read and follow the steps provided below to know how you can install a drop in sink.

Here are the steps that you can follow if you want to install a drop in sink in your home:

  • Materials. The materials that you need in order to install a drop sink are the drop sink, a pencil, piece of cardboard and plumber’s putty. You can get the plumber’s putty from your local hardware store.
  • Trace the sink. Place the cardboard on a flat surface and put the sink upside down over the cardboard. Trace the sink on the cardboard. This will be your template when you install the drop in sink.
  • Attach the faucet. Attach the faucet to the drop sink first before you install the drop sink over your counter. It will be easier for you to install the sink when the faucet is already in place.
  • Using the template. Now that you have everything ready, you can already prepare to install the drop in sink. Get the piece of cardboard where you traced the outline of the drop in sink. Place it where you will be putting the drop in sink. Use your pencil to draw the outline but leave half an inch allowance all over. Since you traced the exact shape of the drop in sink, you will need this allowance to mount the drop in sink.
  • Install the drop in sink. Squeeze plumber’s putty on the half-inch allowance that you traced with your pencil. Do not use too much putty or it will spread all over the counter when you press the drop in sink down. After this, attach the other components of the sink to the base of the sink. When the drop in sink is complete, lower it down to the space on your counter top and over the plumber’s putty that you prepared earlier. Press the sides of the sink down hard so that the plumber’s putty will stick well. Allow the putty to dry.
  • Test the sink. Check to see if the plumber’s putty is already dry. When it is, you can already test your sink to see if it works.

These are the steps that you can follow if you want to install a drop in sink in your kitchen or bathroom. You can try installing and repairing some of the items in your home by yourself so that you won’t have to call a repairman or a plumber to do the job for you. Think of all the money that you can save if you do some of these things on your own.


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