How To Install a Dryer Outlet Cover Plate

Each and every household that has children should make sure that every electrical outlet at home is duly secured to prevent the kids from sticking their fingers in and getting an electric shock. An appliance such as the dryer actually uses 220 amp outlets which makes the electric current two times stronger than the typical 110 amp outlets you have scattered around the house. To make sure that accidents are prevented, install a cover plate on your dryer outlet by following these steps:

  1. Purchase a compatible electrical outlet cover plate. There are lots of electrical outlet cover plates on the market, but it would be best to use one which is durable. You can try the one which is spring activated, so that it automatically covers the electrical outlet after you remove the dryer plug. Another type would be the one which has two buttons that needs to be pressed simultaneously before the cover can be released from the outlet. Make sure that you double check if the outlet cover is held in place by one screw, or by two screws, so that you can purchase the correct cover plate.
  2. Turn the electrical outlet's power off. Have this done, if possible, to prevent accidents during the installation process. Just go and locate the outlet you want turned off in your fuse box, and just power it back on once you're done.
  3. Install the electrical outlet cover plate. Slide the cover plate on the electrical outlet and press it into place. Insert the screw and use a straight blade or a flat head screw driver to tighten the screw into place. Make sure that you do not tighten it that much to prevent the cover plate from breaking.

Children are innately curious, so it is definitely up to us, adults to ensure that they are safe as they go about playing around the house.


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