How To Install a Glass Wall

Glass walls at home or in offices can include either a big glass window that can act as a wall, or a surface inside the home that is covered by glass mirrors. Using glass makes any room bigger and brighter because the eyes see more than what is inside. It can be tricky to install this compared to ordinary concrete, metal or wood. The two types mentioned need the same preliminary instructions, but the actual installation differs. See below procedure on how to install a glass wall.

1.    Identification. The shape and size of the wall to be glass installed must be confirmed before preparing materials, much more before starting. A yardstick or an industrial tape measure can be used to achieve accurate results.

2.    Plan. Decide on these two significant factors:

  • What material to use above the wall (which is the ceiling) or below the wall (or the base)
  • How will you attach and secure the wall. A glass wall usually is made only on one side of a perimeter. If two sides are to be installed, there should be a work plan on how to connect the two sides made of glass. It can be glued together or it can be connected to a concrete or to a wood. The output and procedure for this may vary depending on your choice.

3.    Source of materials. You must prepare the following items to be used in the installation proper: glass or glass tile, glass cutter, double-sided heavy duty mounting tape, spackle (a type of drywall repair compound—can be powdered or paste), putty knife, chalk or crayon for outline and safety equipments such as safety glasses and safety gloves.

4.    Style and design. The glass wall design will all be up to you. You can go to websites and home depots so that you can compare all the products available.

5.    Special needs. These are the non-negotiable factors that must be imposed. Examples of these are privacy (you can be seen from the outside), effect of sunlight inside home (sun may be too blinding at noon), fire and thunder safety, and other factors.

6.    Safety precaution. Obstructions such as electric outlet covers and boards must be removed within the wall premise to prevent accidents and at the same time, to avoid distracting objects.

7.    Actual instruction for glass wall window. Arrange the concrete or wood to be used as holder. Depending on your plan, make sure that the foundation is laid in a straight way. This is to avoid misalignment of the glass. Use the mounting tape and the adhesives to glue the items together. Slide the glass in between the wood or concrete holder of the wall.

8.    Actual instruction for glass wall mirror. Start at the uppermost corner. Put a line that will act as guide. If the corner is already perfect and even, you can start at the uppermost side, left or right. Once you find it in place, meaning no more gaps and uneven spaces, you can put the mounting tape and spackle. Spread this at the back of the tile and arrange it in the wall. Continue arranging the glass tiles in the wall one at a time and make sure that they are in line with each other.

Last instruction is that you should take extra care in handling glass. It is very fragile and can easily hurt you once it becomes broken.


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