How To Install a Kohler Toilet to Replace an Old One

Installing a toilet, particularly a Kohler toilet, should normally be left for a plumber to do. However, since hiring a plumber to do this will cost a bit of dough, it will be financially beneficial to do it yourself. The process is actually simply but will require you to do a lot of manual labor and quite a bit of lifting. In any case, if you are excited to move forward and finish the remodeling of your bathroom, then here are the steps to install your new Kohler toilet.

  • Remove the old one. Alright, the process in removing your old toilet is another story that you can learn by watching this video: How To Take Off an Old Toilet. The video, made by a seasoned plumber, provides you with the step by step approach on how to remove your existing toilet. Assuming that you have already taken off your old toilet, you will need to clean up and remove the used up wax seal from the closet flange. You can scrape it of using a normal putty knife. This is critical since you will be applying new wax seal later on to secure the new toilet in place.
  • Install the bolts. The Johnny bolts, in particular, are the mounting bolts that will need to be installed around the closet flange. Position them at all sides of the closet flange and make sure that each bolt maintains the same distance to the back-wall. To secure the bolts in place, apply a layer of wax seal. These bolts will give you guide when setting the new toilet bowl.
  • Set the new bowl. The next step will be setting the bowl onto the bolts. Lift it up and place it over the closet flange. At this point, you will want to ask for help from someone to help you guide the bowl onto the bolts. Set the bowl in place where the bolts will strike right through the holes at the bottom of the bowl. Once that is set, place the china caps, particularly the bottom, under the washer and nuts. Tighten all the nuts onto the bolts to ensure that the bowl stays in place. Make sure not to tighten the nuts too much that the china cracks. At this point, you will want to check if the bowl is actually leveled. To do this, simply place the level from back to front and side to side to see if the bowl is truly leveled. If not, then simply unscrew the nuts and place a wedge underneath the bowl at the particular side that is not leveled. If you had to do this, then check if leveled before screwing the nuts back in place.
  • Install the tank. Now that the bowl is in place, the next phase is the tank. Lift it and position it onto the extended lip of the bowl facing the back wall. Make sure that the bolts of the tank go through the bolt holes on the extended lip of the bowl. Once set, secure the tank in place with the nuts on the bolts. Tighten and you are done with that.

The next step will be the connecting of the tank to the main pipe as well as assembling the flusher assembly inside the tank. This should be easy since all you have to do is follow the instructions that accompanied your toilet flusher assembly.


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