How To Install a Light Sensor for Automatic Outdoor Lighting

Lighting the exterior of your house is as important as lighting the interior. Outdoor lighting is great for enhancing your lawn or backyard, for providing ample lighting for outdoor events, and for protection purposes, mainly illuminating areas that are normally dark. Normally, outdoor lighting fixtures are manually operated, meaning that you would need to flip a switch in order to turn on the light. If you are looking to make your outdoor lighting system more efficient and automated, for whatever purpose you have in mind, then you may want to invest in motion sensing lighting systems. These lighting systems automatically illuminate once it detects motion in an area. Likewise, if there is no constant motion sensed, the system will shut down after a minute or two. Like the idea of using this type of lighting system? If so, then here are some steps to install it.

  • Turn the power off. Installing anything electrical in nature can be very dangerous and risky. Most especially if you will be connecting the new lighting system directly to your main power line. To prevent accidental electrocution, you will definitely want to turn off the power to the area where you will be installing and mounting your new motion sensor lighting. If possible, turn the main power line off as well for additional safety.
  • Mount the fixture. Now, this part of the process will depend on the type of motion sensing lighting fixture you have. Some fixtures will come with a cover plate, which you will have to mount first prior to setting the main fixture in place. Other fixtures, on the other hand, can be mounted as a whole unit. Whatever is the case, you will have to drill holes into the specific area where you will want to mount the lighting fixture. Make sure to effectively measure the screw or bolt holes on the lighting fixture in order to emulate the same holes onto the surface where you will be mounting it on. Of course, you will need to ensure that there will be electrical wiring going up to that particular area which you will have to insert into the lighting fixture. If the wiring is place, mount the fixture and insert the wiring through it.
  • Connect the wiring. Once the fixture has been mounted, connect the wires to the electrical wiring leading to your power line. Technically, there will be two wires to connect. Each wire will have its own color so make sure you connect the wire from the lighting fixture to the wire with the appropriate color. After attaching the wire, cover any exposed wiring with a thick layer of electrical tape.
  • Set the bulbs. Once the wiring and fixture are in place, insert the bulbs and cover it. Set the sensory sensitivity to whatever you desire and power on your electricity to test the system.

To test the new lighting system, simply move in front of the sensor and move. You can even dance if you want. If you connected everything properly, it should illuminate the area. To test if it shuts off the way you want it, simple move out of the area and the light should turn off based on your motion sensor settings.


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