How To Install a Metal Shed

Sheds are structures which are built for storage, hobbies, or workshops. A shed is usually a structure separate from the house where homeowners store their gardening tools and supplies, auto spare parts and other tools not suitable to be kept indoors, and where craft projects are made. Depending on your needs and budget, you can choose from any of the types of shed construction, which include metal, plastic, wood, vinyl and others.

A metal shed that is used for storage is an ideal option for homeowners who need additional space on a reasonable price. Metal sheds or metal utility sheds come in different sizes and fit most budgets. Metal shed kits also come with easy to follow instructions that will allow you to install your shed by yourself.

  1. Most states require a permit for a building of more than 100 square feet, but regardless of the size, check your local building codes and verify whether you need to secure a permit for installing your metal shed. Do not underestimate the need to have your building plan checked, as the local building inspector will ensure that your shed is installed properly and safely and is free from imminent accidents.
  2. Prepare your materials: take out the screws, bolts, nuts, and washers from the kit and arrange them in a box where you can easily pick them. Set your screwdrivers, if you have a power screwdriver the better. It is also advisable to wear working gloves as the edges of the materials you are working on can be sharp.
  3. Ensure that the ground where you are installing your shed is level. Foundation is a primary concern as poorly constructed foundations will eventually collapse. Do not install your shed over utility lines or pipes to avoid problems in case you need to have underground fixtures repaired in the future. You can use a ready floor structure as your foundation which comes with the package when you purchase your storage kit or build foundation out of wood timbers or concrete slabs.
  4. Unlike wood or steel sheds, which have more weight to hold them down, you will need to anchor the metal shed's floor to the foundation in order to keep it stronger and more resistant to wind. Several anchoring options are available depending on the type of your shed's foundation. Larger buildings are recommended to be anchored with concrete anchor kits. Some anchoring options no longer require you to dig or pour concrete, as they instead use heavy duty materials such as steel augers, cables, and clamps.
  5. Assemble the shed as instructed in your kit manual. While you can install your metal shed on your own, another hand will help make the job easier and faster. Begin with the walls and connect the frames together. Screw the panels and fasten them to the perimeter walls. Assemble the door and the roof according to the instructions. Secure and tighten the screws and bolts on the roof beam nuts and gable ends, gable joints and beam joints.

Installing your metal shed is actually easy as long as you are equipped with the proper equipment and materials, as well as directions.


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