How To Install a New Bathroom Light Fixture

Remodeling a bathroom can be easy. Well, this may be an exaggeration since re-tiling and replacing the bathtub can be a chore and a pain. Nevertheless, if your bathroom renovation requires just a little enhancement to make the room a little more appealing, then a simple replacement and installation of a lighting fixture might be enough. In some cases, it can even provide the effect of a more spacious and more elegant bathroom, even if you really did not do anything substantial renovation. That said if you think that tinkering with the lighting scheme of things in your personal hygiene retreat area or bathroom is worth a try, then here are some steps on how to install new lighting fixtures.

  • It starts with the knowledge of wiring. Electrical wiring may seem complicated to many but in reality, it is simple to understand. For instance, electrical wiring at home will have either a 2 wire or 3 wire configuration (excluding the grounding). If your home sports a 2 wire setup, then the wires you will work with will be one hot (black), one neutral (white), and the grounding (bare copper). If it has the 3 wire setup, then you will have a black, red, and white wire plus the grounding, the red and black wires being hot. Don’t worry; most lighting fixtures will come with the 3 wire setup. If your house works with only 2 wires, then the red wire in the fixture will not be used and connected.
  • Power down. Before proceeding with the project, make sure to cut the power to the bathroom. A simple switching off of the relevant circuit breaker will do.
  • Remove the existing fixture. The next phase will require you to remove the existing lighting fixture in the bathroom, the one you plan to replace. Remove the bulb and unscrew the fixture from its mount. Once that is done, disconnect all the wires connected to it. Finally, unscrew the brackets and cover plate. At this point, only the hole in the wall or ceiling as well as the wires will be visible.
  • Mount the new cover plate and brackets. Position the cover plate where the old fixture was and pull the wire through the hole. Plaster the plate and mount the new brackets. You may need to drill screw holes if necessary. In any case, screw the brackets in place.
  • Connect the wires. The brackets will contain the terminals and wire to be connected to the home wires. Connect each wire based on color. The grounding wire with the fixture will be green. Connect that to the bare copper wire by twisting it around and securing it with electrical tape. Once that is done, proceed with the black and white wires. Twist the connecting wires together and insert it through the terminals. Tighten the nuts and conceal with electrical tape if necessary. If required, connect the red wire as well.

Finally, install the fixture and secure it with the screws on the brackets. That done, screw on the bulb, turn the power on, and test if the light works. If it does, conceal the bulb with any ornamental covers that come with the fixture.


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