How To Install a Patio Roof

Patio roofs can add style, elegance and are a major attraction to your cement patio. The assortment of covers includes tin, metal, steel, copper, and rubber roofing. Once you have decided on the material, it is time for the installation.

Step 1

Size matters. Determine the size of the cover you need.  This is accomplished by measuring from the house to the end of the patio, and from side to side. This will give you the measurement in square feet.

Step 2

What kind of cover. After you have determined the square footage needed, select the type of roof you want. There are varieties of materials, and you may need to ask the local experts for assistance. Consider the weather it will be exposed to.

Step 3

Attachments. If the patio roof is going to be attached to the house, the mounting beam needs to be installed first.   Measure the placement and length and secure with lag screws, bolts, or other device to ensure it stays attached.

Step 4

Free standing. If it is a free-standing cover, the corner posts should be installed first. After you have anchored the corner posts, they need to be attached together using either cross bracing or post-to-post connection.

Step 5

Check all corners. The frame that will hold up the roof panels needs to be square before the panels are anchored to the posts. You should check the alignment as a square and in cross fashion to ensure you are squared top, bottom, left and right.

Step 6

Installing the roofing panels at one end of the frame. Using two screws, fix a roof panel into position. Using the ladder and bracing yourself, have an assistant grab one end while you secure the other end to the posts. Once secured, have your partner secure his end.

Step 7

Make sure you seal the sheet metal screws you installed. The follow-on panels must be locked into place with the ones preceding them. As you secure the panels, use rubber or plastic washers made for sealing or add sealant to the screw as you install each piece.

Step 8

Final piece. When cutting the last piece of panel, do so very carefully. Measure twice, cut once and have your partner check your work and steady the panel while cutting.

Step 9

Maintenance is low. For many patio roof materials, the upkeep and maintenance is very low. They require only monthly and annual inspections for signs of rust, cracks or chips. After any storm, check for obvious damage.

Now sit down and enjoy the great outdoors. Sitting on your cement furniture, in your cement patio, with the cement textured roof will give you a great deal of satisfaction on a job well done.


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