How To Install a Plug for an Electric Clothes Dryer

Due to the safety risks involved, most companies do not have the plug installed for purchased electric clothes dryer. This is to ensure that you have the necessary safety and power requirements. For instance, the dryer must be grounded, or you may need to have a four-prong outlet for the plug.

If you don’t wish to spend money by hiring someone to install the plug for your electric clothes dryer, here are the steps you need to do.

  • Turn off the power. For security reasons, turn off the circuit breaker and close the gas pipe valve until you finish installing for unit. Locate the most appropriate place to install the unit so you don’t have to worry about wire length afterward. Look for a place that is well ventilated. Ensure that the unit is properly leveled.
  • Check the dryer’s electrical requirements. Check the manual for the unit’s power requirements. Normal units sold in the United States and Canada need a 240V or 30Amp power supply. The receptacle for the dryer must meet these power requirements to prevent unnecessary accidents or damage to the unit. Likewise, check if the outlet has the same electrical specifications as the dryer plug. Usually, dryers require a four-pronged outlet. Remember that the National Electric Code (NEC) prohibits converting a four-wire dryer into a three-wire setup even if it is easy to do so. Homes with electric dryers mush already have a modernized four-conductor arrangement for the unit.
  • Get a cordset. Most units come with its own cordset, but if you’re having difficulty with installing the unit because of an inaccessible power source, you can buy a longer cordset from your local hardware. Remember to inform the seller of the number of slots in your receptacle and the required electrical rating. A range cordset and a dryer cordset may look similar, but their electrical ratings are entirely different.
  • Open the dryer cord access panel. This is usually located on the upper part of the back of the unit. Unscrew the cover and install a strain relief. Thread the dryer cord through it. If tightened, this will prevent the cord from accidentally detaching from the dryer. The electric clothes dryer cordset will have a plug on one end and three wires on the other.
  • Install the cordset wires. There are three screws on the unit’s access panel. The ones on the left and right of the panel are for power. The one in the middle is the ground. Loosen the screws by turning them counterclockwise and wound the wires underneath. The center wire must be connected to the center screw. The rest of the wires can either go to the left or right. If the wires are color coded, the white wire is normally the ground wire. Tighten the screws once you’re sure that the wires are wound in place.
  • Test the unit. Turn the circuit breaker on. Plug in the unit to the outlet and test if it’s working. If it is, turn off the power again and disconnect the plug before closing the access panel. Afterward, put the unit in place.

There are many risks involved with installing electrical appliances, that’s why it’s best to ensure that you know of the safety regulations and other electrical power requirements. If done properly, you can use your electric dryer in no time.


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