How To Install a Surround Sound System in Your Home

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If you love watching movies, then you'll know the value of a good surround sound system. Car, outdoor, and portable mp3 speakers just don't quite cut it compared to the awesome immersive experience you can get watching in a theater with Dolby systems. Movie aficionados around the world have replicated the experience right where they live, hooking up their stereo speakers to their very own home theater systems. Surround systems form an important part of any home theater. Here's how you can get started on building your own home theater by installing a surround sound system:

  1. First off, you'll need a place to set up your home theater. The room should be wider than it is long. This will help with the acoustics of your sound system. You'll then need to determine where in the room you'll be setting up your TV, DVD player, and of course, your surround sound system.
  2. Next, you'll need a surge protector. The appliances you'll be using for your home theater will need a considerable amount of power, so a safety regulator will do wonders both for keeping your electricity bills low and keeping your house from catching fire. Make sure that your set up has a space near an outlet for your surge protector. Once everything's in place, plug your electronics into your surge protector.
  3. Now for the good part - installing the actual surround sound system. Grab your front stereo speakers and place them an equal distance away from the center of your TV. If you place your left speaker 6 feet away from the left of your TV's center, place your right speaker 6 feet away from the right of your TV's center. Place your center channel speaker either directly on top or on the bottom of your TV. Your sound system's sub-woofer speaker should be next to your TV.
  4. Next, place your rear speakers directly across from your front stereo speakers and a short distance behind where your seats will be. They don't have to be directly across from the front stereo speakers, but they should at least be as far apart as your front speakers. The idea is to have your sound system's stereo speakers surround whomever's watching.
  5. Ready your sound system's speaker wires by snipping off a bit of the wires' plastic cover and twisting the exposed strands together. When they're ready for installation, hook them up to each of your sound system's stereo speakers. The speakers should be connected to their corresponding labels in the back of your amplifier. Attach the twisted ends of your wire to their respective places - attach negative to negative, and positive to positive. Again, your sound system should have these labeled, so it'll be easy for you to hook them up.

Now that your surround sound system is ready, it's time for the best part of any electronic installation - testing it. Attach the proper cables (both video and audio) from your DVD player to your amplifier, and from your DVD player to your TV. Pop in a movie, sit back and enjoy the show. If you installed everything properly, your surround sound system should be giving you a 360-degree audio thrill ride. Enjoy!


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