How To Install a Utility Sink

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A utility sink is very useful, in that it is ideal for everyday chores that require a larger working area than the average kitchen sink. Some of the chores can include the following:

  • Washing clothes by hand,
  • Bathing pets,
  • Cleaning off mud from shoes, and
  • Washing cleaning implements like rags and dusters.

For these purposes, it is often easier to use a utility sink, since most kitchen sinks don’t have enough space. Kitchen sinks are usually filled with dirty dishes, and these are just sized appropriately to fit dishes and utensils. Additionally, utility sinks are easily accessible, if situated in the garage, utility room, or garden shed.

One can find various types of utility sinks. There are those made from plastic, stainless steel, fire clay or cast iron.  They also come in many sizes and for this reason it isn’t a difficult task to find the right size for your needs. Another great advantage for is that they now come in practical and modern colors such as in white, silver or dark colors like black or dark blue.

Installing Utility Sinks

There are different methods of installing a utility sink. One way of doing it is to install it on supportive legs. Not all sinks need four legs, as this depends on the size of the sink and what it is meant to be used for. If one is going to use it to wash the dog, then it is better to install all four legs for extra support. 

Some sinks can be installed without the supportive legs, and can be hung against the wall by using a large heavy bracket. This way, you can save space and you can use the area underneath for tools or other objects.

Alternatively one can chose to install a utility sink partly wall-hanged and partly resting on a pair of supportive legs to achieve extra support. An example of this would be a sink mounted on a bracket on the wall, and also supported by two legs in front.
Before installing a sink, make sure there is a source of water already set up. Some rooms, such as laundry rooms or garages and bathrooms, would already have functioning water outlets. If you are not experienced with attaching a sink to the water source, then it’s best to call in a plumber to help. Alternatively, if you do not wish to add another water outlet intended just for your utility sink then you can fill and drain your sink by making use of your bath tub or another sink close by. This can be easily done if the utility sink is to be placed in the bathroom or in the laundry or wash room.

Nowadays, utility sinks don’t have to come in drab, utilitarian designs. There are many styles and colors to choose from, and it is quite easy to match it with your home’s décor. You can also find several that have a storage rack at the bottom for storing handy items or, in the case of a rustic environment, for holding decorative, country-style items.


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