How To Install a Vertical Bidet

The bidet is that hygienic washer that you find in most European bathrooms where any person can conveniently wash and clean his or her private parts without having to necessarily take a bath or shower. The bidet started out in Europe but has slowly crept up in popularity in the US and Asia. In the US, many bathrooms have now integrated this cleaning aid in bathroom designs. Today, you will learn how to install a bidet with a vertical spraying system. Here are the steps needed for the installation.

  • Pipe the location. The first step in the installation will be preparing the particular area for the bidet. Basically, you will want to start with the drainage and water supplies. Most bidet units will require a separate line for cold and hot water. That said make sure to extend a line for both using a flexible pipe or tube. A pipe or tube diameter of about half an inch per each water supply line will do. Make sure that the pressure for both is equal since bidets will have valves integrated to mix both cold and hot water together to arrive at the preferred water temperature. Once that is done, you will have to finalize the drainage solution. Decide whether you want a below or above floor drainage solution. Make sure to have a plumber work on that problem since you are probably not experienced enough to handle that.
  • Set the bidet. Once the water and drainage plumbing are set, drill the holes relevant to the bidet on the floor. That done, lift the bidet and set on the particular area. Make sure to leave a gap of 6 inches between the wall and the back part of the bidet. Bolt the bidet down on the holes on the floor and apply some sealant along the bottom of the basin. This should stabilize and set the bidet in place.
  • Prepare the water lines. Basically, you have two water supply lines, one hot and one cold. In order to ensure that there are no particles inside the lines that could potentially damage the bidet’s valves and system, you will want to flush these lines. Once the flushing is complete, connect the lines into the bidet as instructed on the manual that came with the bidet.
  • Install the vertical valve and spray. Read the instructions that came with the bidet regarding the installation of the vertical spray and its valve. Basically, it is a generally simple task where you will connect a flexible hose of the vertical spray to the bidet near the supply line valves. Do this prior to setting the water lines into the bidet.
  • Install the drain pipe. It would be better to leave this part to a plumber but in case you want to do it yourself then simply connect the drain pipe to the bidet and run it the exhaust line. Seal the connection and test for leaks.

If there are no leaks in the system, do a final test in mixing the cold and hot water running to the bidet with the mixing valves. If you achieve the right temperature and the vertical spray works, then you are done and the bidet is ready for use.


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