How To Install a Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, more often than not, what we consume is instant or ready to consume. We have instant noodles (just add hot water), we have instant coffee (again, just add hot water) and we have our bottled goods, like wine, beer, soft drinks, jams, jellies, etc. wherein all we need to do is open the lid and “poof” we are ready to consume. We need special contraptions called openers to open these treats.

There are many kinds of openers: there is the bottle opener (beer opener), the wine opener, which is most popular in the form of the rabbit opener, the jar opener, and can openers. Oftentimes these openers are tied up to a kitchen post or magnetized on our refrigerators, and sometimes they are misplaced or lost. This can be irritating, because once you need the opener, it is nowhere to be found. So what can we do to prevent such a dilemma? We can mount the opener to the wall by following the following steps (Here, we shall be referring to the bottle opener, although steps are similar).

  1. Choosing the Kind of Opener. As mentioned above, there are many kinds of openers depending on the need, but one thing remains constant in choosing the kind of opener; make sure it is durable. You can never go wrong with choosing a steel opener, they get the job done, and when used appropriately, they could last a very very long time.
  2. Choosing Where to Mount Said Opener. In choosing the ideal location to mount the bottle opener, two things must be kept in mind—the distance from the opener to the origin of the bottle and the distance of the opener to the trashcan. These distances should be as close to each other as possible, the trash might even be situated right below the bottle opener.
  3. Mounting the Bottle Opener. There are a number of ways in doing this. If a drill hole is available on the opener, one can drill a hole on the wall, insert a screw-fit and screw the bottle opener in the wall. This is probably the most durable of the methods but requires a drill, a screw fit, screws and of course a bit of technical know-how. The second method requires some very strong double-sided tape (take note that when we say strong double sided tape we mean STRONG, otherwise it just won’t last) or quick dry cement/super glue. The procedure is pretty simple. Clean the wall where the bottle opener will be mounted, peel the tape, attach the tape on the wall, peel the other side of the tape and stick the bottle opener to it. For the quick dry cement/super glue, the same procedure is applied.

Bottles and cans make our busy day a little easier to cope with, especially with handy wall bottle openers that you can place in a convenient spot. So follow the instructions above and happy opening! POP!


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