How To Install a Water Efficient Showerhead

One of the quickest and easiest ways to reduce your water consumption and save money is to install a water efficient showerhead or a showerflow regulator. The average old model showerhead uses around 15 to 25 litres of water a minute. For a five minute shower a day, that's an estimated 36,500 litres of water a year for just one person.

A four-star rated shower head uses as little as 6 or 7 litres a minutes or 40 percent less water. Installing a water efficient showerhead saves about 14,500 litres of water per household each year. And you can save as much as 47 percent on hot water costs with an efficient showerhead too.

Efficient  showerheads limit the amount of water used either by reducing the "hole" that the water flows through of by putting air bubbles within the water droplets. You can learn more about how to save water from great green websites like To get you started, strap on a tool belt and follow these easy steps! (No plumbing experience needed!)

Step by step installation


  • To begin the job, you will need a showerflow regulator, two orange inserts, Teflon tape (50 cm length), a spanner and cleaning cloth.


  • Using a spanner and turning counter-clockwise, unscrew the shower arm from the wall stub. To avoid scratching your fittings, we recommend placing a cloth between the spanner and the shower arm.

  • Remove any existing washers and/or thread (Teflon tape) from the shower arm and wall stub. (Note: step 3 can be omitted if the shower arm does not fit securely onto the wall stub.)

  • Insert one rubber washer into the connection at the end of your shower arm, pushing it gently into the base.

  • Insert the brass device with orange insert facing the flat side into the shower arm. (Do not install the device the other way around.) When correctly positioned you should be able to see the mesh inside the regulator devices.

  • Place the second rubber washer into the shower arm over the flow regulator.

  • Wrap two or three layers of Teflon tape, in a clockwise direction, on the wall stub.

  • Screw the shower arm, in a clockwise direction, back on the wall stub, until it is hand tight.

  • Tighten the connection further, with your spanner. Do not over-tighten. You now have a water efficient showerhead.

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