How To Install a Water Filter for your Kenmore Refrigerator

Back in the late 70’s, Sears introduced a new line to their heavily successful Kenmore brand, the Kenmore Refrigerator. Today, the Kenmore refrigerator is one of the most popular brands that a lot of households trust in. However, what most people don’t realize is that Sears does not really manufacture the appliance. Yes, it is shocking. What they do is have 3rd party manufacturers produce the units and they merely rebrand and market it. Unfortunately, this is a drawback that can provide difficulty for the consumer when it comes to replacing some of its parts like the water filter that needs to be replaced every so often. Since Sears cannot really provide the support needed with regards to the replacement of the filter, you will have to know how to replace it and what filter you need. Fortunately, the steps below should help you. Detailed are the 3 different filters used by various Kenmore fridge models and the steps in installing the filter.

Cassette Type

  • The filter itself is inside the fridge, somewhere at the topmost shelf.
  • Remove all the contents of the fridge.
  • Shut off the ice maker.
  • Remove the filter by pressing the release or eject button. The cassette filter should slide easily out. Throw that away.
  • Unwrap the new water filter cassette and slide it into the slot. At a certain point, the cassette should snap in. At that point, the outer tip of the filter should be in line with the release or eject button.

Push-in Type

  • Shut the ice maker off.
  • Locate the push-in filter by searching the base panel at the front almost at floor level. You will know it when you see a grill cap visible. At the near left of the cap, you will find a button. Push it to release the filter. Discard the filter. After that, remove the grill cap as you will need to install it into the new filter. To remove it, simply twist it counterclockwise until it comes off.
  • Take the new filter and fashion the grill cap on it. Once on the filter, insert the filter into the slot with the other end first. Keep pushing until it snaps in. This locks the filter and it is ready to use.

Quarter-turn Type

  • Shut the ice maker off.
  • The quarter-turn filter will be located at the front base similar to the push-in type filter. To remove it, simply twist the grill cap off and pull the filter cartridge out. Now some models may have grills without a cap. If this is the case with your fridge, you will need to remove the grill itself in order to expose the filter. Pull the filter out. Throw it away.
  • Take the new filter and insert it into the filter slot. If the fridge has a grill cap, then install the cap onto the filter then push it back inside. If not, then simply push the filter inside the slot and then install the grill back in place.

The final step, regardless of filter type, will be to flush the system. To do this, simply power on the ice maker and fill about 3 cups of water from the dispenser continuously. Once that is done, hit the reset button. When the LED turns green, then the system has been properly reset.


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