How To Install a Wood Fired Furnace as Central Boiler

A Central boiler wood-fired furnace is what you need to keep your home warm, especially during winter.  You may have a fireplace inside your house but, aside from the unavoidable stray smoke and fumes, you may have to introduce some modifications in order to distribute the heat in other parts of the house.  However, with a wood fired-furnace from a Central Boiler, you can be assured of smokeless and fumeless warmth that can evenly be distributed throughout the house.  Because the furnace is conveniently located outside of your house, it is naturally much such safer.  Any accident that may happen, though this is quite rare with this type of furnace, is limited only to its structure.

A central boiler is easy to install.  All you will need prior to the installation is to buy the exterior wood-fired furnace first.  The heating power may depend on the size of your house or building.  Some models are even capable of heating more than one house.  Its prices may vary according to the heating power and size.  Once it has been delivered to your place, you can begin the installation with an extra hand to help you.

  1. First, place the heat exchanger. After measuring its diameter, cut a hole into the air exchange system of your outdoor furnace.  Fit and insert the heat exchanger into the hole and lock or fasten it well so that it will not be removed easily.  Put some heat resistant sealant at the hole’s edges.
  2. Fasten the cross-linked tubing made of polyethylene to the heat exchanger. Connect this pipe to the allotted spot of the furnace.  Usually, this is found at the furnace’s end.  Attach it there firmly.
  3. Check all attachments and piped fittings you have just made. Make sure that everything is fastened and sealed well.  To ensure efficiency, boiler heat should not be wasted on loosely sealed fittings.
  4. Once you are quite sure that you have every pipe connections secured, it is time to install the electrical requirements of the furnace.  Go back to your house and shut off the main switch or the circuit breaker. With the house’s electricity totally off, install another circuit for your furnace.  Provide it with another circuit breaker apart from that you use for your house’s electrical needs.
  5. Put an electrical wire from the furnace to the house.  Connect it to the circuit breaker provided for and you can now supply electrical power to your furnace.  Put on all the circuit breakers.  If necessary, you may put a gauge on the furnace to check on its heat.  Pour water on the hydronic boiler.  

When these are all done, you can now simply heat up your wood-fired furnace.  If you have a cornfield, you may use corncobs instead of wood and you now have a corn boiler.  However, if you think that you will not be using a Central boiler always, you may opt for a boiler rental instead.


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