How To Install an Attic Lift

The attic is a great place for storing some items that you have little use for. However, transporting items from the ground floor up to the attic can be difficult and time consuming, especially if you have many items to move. You can install an attic lift so that you can bring things up to the attic easier without using so much effort. You will just need a few materials and some basic building skills to do this. Things will be easier to clear if you know it is convenient to store them.

Here are the steps that you can follow if you want to install an attic lift in your home:

  • Assess your attic. The first thing you have to do is make sure that you can install an attic lift. Go to your attic and see if there are any electrical outlets that you can use in operating the lift. You will also need ceiling joists that are about 16 inches to make the attic lift. You will also need 110 volts of power to run the attic lift.
  • Cut a hole. Cut a hole on the floor of the attic. This will be the space for your lift. You will still need to build the frame for this hole. The size of the whole depends on you but it is ideal to have a hole at least 24 x 48 inches wide. Make sure that the edges of the hole are smooth so that the lift can go in smoothly. You can use a file or sandpaper to smooth the rough edges on the sides of the hole.
  • Build the frame. Build a frame for the hole according to the measurement. Make sure that the frame goes in and out the hole smoothly so that you can transport any items without any hindrances. If the frame does not go in smoothly, you might have to trim a few millimeters around it.
  • Install the lift. Connect the lift to the housing legs. Let the cables of the lift go through the opening and down to where the lift will be coming from. Read the instructions on the installation manual for the lift so that you can install the cables properly.
  • Test the lift. Once everything is connected, test the lift to see if it works smoothly. If you are having some problems with the operation, consult the manual and check if you installed everything according to the instructions. Now you can transport items to your attic easily.

Now that you’ve learned these things, you can install an attic lift in your home. With the lift, you can easily transport items to and from the attic down to your house or garage. When you use the attic lift, make sure that you only place items that are not too heavy. Even so, do not fill up the lift with different items. You might break the cables of the lift if you try to transport several items at once.


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