How To Install an Ice Maker

Refrigerators today are equipped with their own ice makers. Most appliance stores offer to have the ice maker hooked up for an added cost. If you want to save some money, then you can do the installation on your own. Here's how:

  1. Take out the plastic stoppers inside the freezer. The first thing that needs to be done is to pinpoint where the plastic stoppers are inside the freezer. Open the freezer door and locate the plastic stoppers toward the back left hand side of the freezer. You should be able to see two similarly sized plastic stoppers plus one that is slightly bigger. Now, use a flat tip screwdriver to take these plastic stoppers out.
  2. Install the tube for letting fresh water into the ice maker. Next is to go to the rear of the refrigerator and look for a sticker labeled Ice Maker Installation. Carefully cut the sticker through with a knife that has a narrow blade and pull the insulating material within for the water inlet tube hole to be revealed.
  3. Prep the wiring system of the ice maker. Now, open the freezer door once more and go to that slightly bigger hole mentioned in step 1 and take out the wire connector. Grab the ice maker set up and grab the end of its wiring. Connect this to the wire connector that you've just recently pulled out from the rear wall of the freezer. You should hear a distinct snap once these connectors are correctly hooked up.
  4. Install the ice maker set up into the side wall of the freezer. Grab the ice maker set up and screw this onto the side wall of the freezer. Once done, get the L frame and screw this on too to strengthen the ice maker set up.
  5. Install the water filler tube for the ice maker. Now, go back to the rear of the refrigerator once more and put the water filler tube into the hole you made on the sticker. Slightly twist the tube left and right until you hear a distinct clicking sound of it being locked into place. Get the connector for the plastic tubes and install this onto the water tubing using the supplied clamps. This is now your ice maker's water valve. Grab the plastic tube and put this into the opening found at the valve.
  6. Finally hook up the ice maker set up to the electrical wiring system of the refrigerator. Look for the electrical wire connector at the lower right part of the refrigerator's rear and hook this onto the water valve. Finally install this water valve into the refrigerator's compressor area.

Now, all that's needed is to connect the water tube line to the valve of the shutoff tap and you can now turn on the refrigerator to start making ice. Make sure that you have your owner's manual with you when you perform this task as there may be brand-specific installation instructions.


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