How To Install an Outdoor Gravity Shower

After a long and busy day outdoors or at work, there is nothing more refreshing than a long, hot bath. Yet for some people, who only need a quick clean up like a hunter or a camper back from a long day, an outdoor gravity shower is the best way to go. Outdoor gravity showers are also great for those with pools or Jacuzzis, because they can use it to rinse themselves before and after a swim (to rinse the chlorine off before entering the house). A detachable showerhead can be attached to rinse muddy feet or even rinse off your pets. Shower curtains and aluminum rings can be added for more privacy.

Such a system makes use of the earth's natural force of gravity and is a fun and easy way to get cleaned up. It's simple and it doesn't require a complicated formula, you only need a basic knowledge of physics. If you want to make your very own outdoor gravity shower, here's how:

You will need materials such as an inner tube, some rubber sealing cement, a pair of scissors or a sharp knife, a few sections of a garden hose, a small clamp, a screwdriver, a hack saw, a hose valve, a garden spray hose nozzle, and a ½ inch straight coupler hose barb fitting.

  1. The first step would be to inspect the inner tube for any leaks. After making sure it is leak free, cut a slit measuring one-fourth of an inch a few inches away from the outer rim of the tube using a knife or a pair of scissors.
  2. Clean the slit with water using your fingertip. Cut the one-half inch straight coupler into two, leaving a barb on one side and a ridge on the other side.
  3. On the ridge, apply enough rubber sealing cement and insert it in the one-fourth inch hole, leaving the barb end exposed and the ridge inside the hole, fit tightly.
  4. Pull the coupler's ridge to tighten it, and add more rubber cement as desired, then let the cement dry. Apply several layers of rubber cement sealer all through the slit's outer part, and allow it to dry completely.
  5. Place the garden hose's cut end over the coupler's barb end, and connect the two using a hose clamp. Use a screwdriver in tightening the clamp.
  6. Attach the valve to the faucet and the spray nozzle of the garden hose to the end of the hose. After doing this, let the inner tube be filled with water through the hose.  Shut it off as soon as it is full.

You can also submerge it in a lake until it is full. When not in use, keep it in your camper's top or hang it on a tree near your place. If you desire a warm shower, leave the bag hanging where it can be hit directly by the sun, these types of showers are also called "solar showers". It's fast, easy, and once its done, it will certainly refresh you no matter how tiring your day has been. 


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