How To Install an Outdoor Surveillance Camera

Whether it’s your business or your home, it’s about time that you get one step ahead of criminals in protecting them. Since break-ins have increased in number, you might want to deter potential crime from happening by installing your own surveillance camera. A surveillance camera will take a video of your surrounding property and will likely decrease the chance of being victimized by vandals. They usually choose targets where they are safer and no image of the crime or event being recorded.

  • You will need to determine the proper locations where to install a series of cameras to avoid blind spots and cover as much ground as possible. You may also focus on main targets like your vehicle/s in you your driveway. These are usually the targets and would need to be closely guarded.
  • There are a lot of ways you can set out the surveillance cameras, but the easiest way is purchasing a kit of one or more camera style surveillance. Once you figure out the best system for you, make sure that the resolution of the camera will be helpful in determining the culprit if in any case they are still not deterred by the presence of the cameras.
  • Most of these kits will be run through your computer and will be provided with software to set it up. You can insert the CD in your computer and follow the installation procedure.
  • You will also be provided with a USB receiver where they will be able to get the images of the surveillance camera.
  • You need to find an electrical outlet to plug in the receiver and connect it through your computer through one of the USB ports available.
  • Attach the camera/s through the places of your choice. Again you need to put it in the places where you are concerned the most, like your driveway and your front and back door, and other areas where you want them placed.
  • Note that you need to put it in places where they are normally unable to be reached or sprayed with paint. This way you avoid the chance of your surveillance cameras being rendered useless. You may want to put them in high places and place them in potentially viewable places if your primary concern is to use them to deter would be vandals.
  • Once the cameras are situated you can view them on your computer and see the images sent to your screen. You can fine tune the images being sent by adjusting the angle and focus of each camera. You will also have options to view them all at the same time using images on all cameras and using a quarter each on your monitor for your viewing.
  • You may also want to consider buying a second computer if the budget permits or an older one so that you will have a dedicated one for surveillance purposes.

You may now feel a lot safer once you set up your surveillance video camera. You may also want to search online for other tips on setting them up and adjusting the steps to better suit your needs. Keep safe and contact authorities when needed.


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