How To Install an Oven Range

Has your oven cooked its last meal?  Have you just bought a home and need to install an oven range?  You can do it yourself by following the instructions below.

For any oven you are installing, you will want to make sure to get measurements of the space it is going into.  You will want the oven to be just under those measurements so it fits nicely.

Electric Oven Install

  1. First always make sure the electric is turned off to any appliance you are going to be working with.
  2. Next, pull the oven out as far as you can, and unplug it.
  3. Now you are ready to move the new oven into place.  Make sure you plug in the new oven before pushing it back into place.
  4. Once it is pushed back where you want it, turn the electric back on to the oven and test it.

Gas Oven Install

  1. Make sure the gas and electric are turned off.  If you are replacing an old oven, now is the time to unscrew it and pull it out.  Unplug the oven.
  2. Now you will want to unscrew the hose that runs to the gas line.  You will need two wrenches to accomplish this.  One wrench will be used to hold the gas line and the other to unscrew the hose.  Once the hose is removed from the gas line, unscrew it from the oven itself as well.
  3. Once the hose is unscrewed from the gas and oven, pull the oven out.  Now you are ready to put the new oven in place.  Leave room to work.
  4. If the new oven did not come with a kit, you will need to buy a gas oven installation kit.  What you are wanting in this kit are adapters, leak fluid to check for leaks, and pipe threading compound.
  5. Do not reuse the old hose.  Get the new hose that came with your oven and get it ready to go on.  Use the pipe threading compound on the end that you are going to screw into the oven to ensure a tight fit.  Once the compound is on you are now ready to screw the hose on.  Now do the same process to screw the hose onto the gas line.
  6. Once both ends of the new hose are screwed on, you will now check it for leaks.  Use the leak fluid and brush a little bit on the ends of the hose that connect to the oven and to the gas line.  Turn the gas on, and turn the oven on.  If you see bubbles anywhere in the fluid, then there is a leak.  If there is a leak you will want to unhook the hose and use the compound again and ensure that it is fully tightened and check again.
  7. Now that you know there are no leaks, plug the oven in and push it back into place.  You can now turn on the electric to the oven as well.

Replacing or installing an oven can be easy if you understand how too.  Please following these instructions, and if at any time you feel it is too much, call a professional.


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