How To Install Bathroom Cabinets

Installing new bathroom cabinets is not a difficult task. New cabinets can make a huge difference in how a bathroom looks as well as freeing up valuable counter top space.

First decide exactly where to place the new cabinet on the wall. Take measurements and write them down. When you shop for a new cabinet you will need these measurements.

Once you have purchased a new bathroom cabinet, installing it can be a snap. The hardware you need may come with the wall cabinet. If it does not pick up some one and a half inch screws at your local hardware store. Pick stainless steel screws or some type of coating that will not rust in a moist bathroom. Black standard drywall screws will rust over time. You do not need a lot of these screws. Four to ten will do fine.

Locate the wall studs. A stud finder is helpful but not required for this. Knock on the wall board until you find a spot that feels solid. Most walls are built with the studs sixteen inches apart. When you screw the cabinet to the wall, you need to screw directly into studs or use wall anchors to give the bathroom cabinet enough support to hold up whatever you put in it. Wall anchors are plastic pieces you purchase at the hardware store. Get the ones that size match to your screws. The way they work is you drill a hole in the wall. The hole size should be big enough for the anchor to slip in but tight enough for the small wings to prevent it from coming back out. The hole size will be marked on the packaging for the anchors. Drill the anchor holes and tap them into place. When you put the screw in it will expand the anchor slightly making it even more secure.

Placing the screw holes is the hardest part of hanging a new bathroom cabinet. Especially if you are using anchors to support your cabinet the screw holes have to line up perfectly. How this part is done depends on the construction of your bathroom cabinet. If you can not place the cabinet on the wall and mark the screw hole placement easily, then make a paper or cardboard template. Lay the cabinet face down and use heavy paper or poster board to create a template of the screw hole locations. Use the template to put in the anchors or locate the screws into the wall studs.

Once you have the screws located and marked, have a friend hold the cabinet in place and screw it to the wall. Put at least four well supported screws in to hold the cabinet, six would be better. You do not want that new bathroom cabinet to come crashing down.


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