How To Install Cooper Lighting

Installing Cooper Lighting fixtures is simple and safe when done properly. Installing a Cooper Lighting Fixture requires the use of these three common tools: A number two Phillips screwdriver, a number eight (¼") slotted screwdriver, and an electrical tester. By following these simple steps, just about anyone is capable of installing a Cooper Lighting Fixture.

1. Turn off the electricity to your power outlet box at the circuit breaker or fuse panel.

2. using your electrical tester, confirm that the electricity to the electrical power outlet box is off.

3. Get the mounting yoke ready. This will typically be a piece of hardware that consists of two steel bands (about 4" long) attached together in the middle. The part that attaches to the power outlet box will be the flat part with two long grooves in it. The part that attaches to the fixture will typically have four screw-holes and an already mounted ground (green) screw. Select the screws that fit to the mounting yoke screw-holes from your hardware packet and thread the screws into the yoke until roughly 1/8" of each screw is sticking through the bottom of the yoke.

4. Attach the mounting yoke to the power outlet box. Using one of the two screwdrivers, attach it to the box by inserting the provided screws through the groove and screwing them into the screw flanges of the box.

5. Attach the Cooper Lighting fixture ground wire to the ground screw on the mounting yoke with a screwdriver. The fixture ground wire will be bare copper and attached to the Cooper Lighting fixture.

6. Attach the wiring. Using wire nuts, attach the wires in the power outlet box to the Cooper Lighting fixture. Attach white to white, black to black, and bare ground to bare ground.

7. Attach the fixture to the yoke. Position the fixture so that when pressed against the power outlet box, the screws from the mounting yoke come through the base of the fixture. Slide the fixture so that the screws are in the narrower space of the screw slots and then tighten the screws.

8. Install the light bulbs.

9. Install the Cooper Lighting fixture cover (sometimes referred to as a globe or diffuser).

10. Turn the electricity back on at the circuit breaker panel.

11. Turn the light switch to the "On" position.

Congratulations. You have just successfully installed a Cooper Lighting fixture.


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