How To Install Diffusers for Fluorescent Lights

Say goodbye to lackluster lamps and dull fluorescent lights and say hello to colorful and funky diffusers. These multifarious diffusers can definitely lighten up a room with its array of colors, designs, patterns, shapes, and sizes to boot. Your local home center houses some of these collections, so why not drop by to the nearest Home Depot to begin with? The Internet also has sporadic stores in which to spend sightseeing, in the hope of stumbling onto your desired diffuser look. But your task does not end with making a purchase. You still have to install your fluorescent light diffuser. Here is how.

  • Prepare the things you need. If you are working alone, it is better to have the materials around before getting started. And even if you are not around, you and your partner can work efficiently by preparing your stuff beforehand. In this project, you will need a ladder post, a screwdriver, and the diffuser. You can borrow a ladder from someone you know if you happen to have none.
  • Set up the ladder. Get your ladder post situated right under the fluorescent light on which you will be working. Make sure the feet of the ladder are set on a dry floor. Check also for the rubber stopper of the ladder. They make for greater traction when used on smooth surfaces such as marbles and tiles. When you have secured the ladder, you can now climb up to the lamp.
  • Take out the old diffuser. There may be a diffuser that came along with your fluorescent lamp purchase. This provision from the manufacturer is made of acrylic, which is not always much of an attention-getter for most people. At least it remains true to its function. Now if you have this old diffuser, take it out by unscrewing it from your lights. Ask somebody to put the acrylic diffuser and its screws down for you. If not, you have to be careful in placing it down on the floor.
  • Put on the new diffuser. Take your new diffuser back up to the ceiling. Do not forget to bring the screws that are to be used for tacking the diffuser onto the fluorescent lamp case. Use a screwdriver to secure the position of the diffuser beneath your lamp. But if having more than just one lamp diffuser to replace or install is your case, then repeat the steps from 2 to 4 for every lamp that you want to replace. You will have to move your ladder here and there to finish through the lamps. It is recommended that you get a help in dealing with more than a couple fluorescent lights in an area.

There you have it, folk. All you have to do is find a decent diffuser, follow the steps here in installing it, and enjoy the new ambiance that it brings. There is no better place to stay than a room where the light is set perfectly for your task and preferences. After installing your diffuser, take a break and enjoy the new look that the new diffuser or set of diffusers is bringing into the room.


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