How To Install Door Frames

Doors are important parts of a house or an establishment because they give security. They may also add decoration in your house because some doors are overwhelming to the eyes. You can purchase doors with different decorations. Choose the right door for your home because faulty doors will be hard to close and open - particularly when you are carrying stuff like groceries, camping bags or a child. Sometimes the main reason for this problem is the frame which was not installed properly. That's why you have to make sure that your door frame and the door itself fit properly and do not easily break. Below are some steps on how to properly install door frames.

  1. Measuring - Measure the area of the opening, the length, width and height and the door itself to make sure that your door will fit to its frame. Take note of the measurements for your reference when cutting the door jambs.
  2. Materials - Get all the necessary equipment needed for the task. Choose good quality wood that will last for a long period of time, look for woods with a hard core. Manufacturers offer a wide variety of wood species such as mahogany, cypress, hickory and hard maple. They are known because of their quality for making doors because of their hardness. Check the wood to see if there are cracks or any damage before purchasing them. They may look bad - especially when they are used as interior wood doors. Cracked or damaged wood will give you problems in time.
  3. Cutting - Cut the door jambs one at a time according to your measurements. Then fit each door on one side of the opening. You may put the door in the opening to make sure that your measurements are equal in both sides. In doing pocket door installation you do not need to put in the door while installing it. Use shims to adjust the door in its place. After fitting the first door jamb, do the second one for the other side. After cutting all the door jambs, fit them all at once to see if they fit perfectly. 
  4. Sanding and painting - Have the door finished with sand paper to make it smoother. Paint the door jambs according to the theme of your house or have it varnished to protect your door framing. Let it dry for a few hours.
  5. Screwing and nailing - Fix the door jambs using nails or wood screws to hold it in its proper place. Be sure that it was nailed and screwed properly just like when you have to replace a sliding door because it may not function properly or might break easily. 

Get the best materials and install it properly. It will give less time opening and closing it than banging your door just to open it. Nobody wants to waste money by buying expensive materials and then replace or repair the door when it's broken because of carelessly installing it.


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