How To Install Fargo Cabinets

Whether you're remodeling or building from scratch, whether you want base cabinets or wall cabinets, installing Fargo cabinets in any kitchen or room in your house can be a worry-free project with a few simple tips and tools.

First, you'll need to gather the tools you'll need for installing your new Fargo cabinets.  Make sure you have a pencil, level, tape measure, stud finder, 2-inch cabinet or wood screws, a putty knife or shims, clamps that fit around the cabinet, cordless drill and a screwdriver to fit the screws you've already gotten together, plus a small board of any type to use as support.  Once all of your tools are gathered, it's time to begin.

Make sure you have the right size Fargo cabinets and that they're what you want.  Take the pencil and mark on the wall the exact position you want the cabinets to be in, using the level and tape measure to make sure the markings are even.  While you're measuring, make sure to note the dimensions on the wall, to ensure you're installing them correctly.  Measure from the floor up, leaving enough room to allow for the base cabinets, countertop and backsplash to fit under them.  With the pencil, mark the top and bottom of the cabinets that will hang, using the level to make sure the lines are straight and correct.

Use the stud finder to find the wall studs, marking their location with the pencil above and below the bottom of the cabinet, at least six inches.  Use the small board for support by screwing it into the wall with 2" wood screws at the level where the bottom of the Fargo cabinet will go.  If you're installing more than one cabinet side-by-side, lay them next to each other on a flat surface, clamp them together and secure them together with wood screws, making sure the screws go through the 3/4" strip on the back of the cabinets.  The heights need to be identical, or this will make them hang unevenly, and you'll need the putty knife or shim in between the cabinets to even them out.

Finally, mark the stud locations on the cabinet beneath the 3/4" inch strip, and then drill initial holes with the cordless drill.  Screw the wood screws into these holes, and then set the cabinets on the wall on the board you've attached, screwing them in completely and making sure they're tight enough to hold the Fargo cabinets firmly to the wall.


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