How To Install Fluorescent Light Fixtures

Fluorescent lights are good sources of bright light, and are commonly used in dim or dark rooms in your house, like the basement or the attic. While this is a common fixture in most homes, many people still don’t know how to install light fixtures. Next time that you need to replace your fluorescent light fixture, forget about calling the electrician. This is a fairly easy process, and by following the steps below, you’ll be able to successfully install your light fixtures by yourself.

  • Turn your home’s power supply off. While you can also turn off the specific circuit box that you’re planning to work on, it would be safest to just turn off everything by turning the main switch. You should always remember to do this step o avoid getting electrocuted. Turning off the light switch will not necessarily “de-energize” your fluorescent light.
  • Look for the circuit box that you’re going to work on. Detach old/used hardware that holds the fixture in its proper position.
  • Take out the screws that hold the fixture to the box, and then slip the wires from the circuit box. Remember how the wires are connected, as you will need to attach the wires of the new light fixture the exact way as the old fixture.
  • Attach your new fluorescent light by connecting the fixture’s wires to the circuit box wires. Again, remember the wiring arrangement of the old light. When connecting the wires, check and double-check if all the wires are positioned properly. If the wires have colors, just match them (e.g. black wire to black wire).
  • Now, install your new fixture by positioning it against the ceiling or wall, and secure it using the screws or other fastening materials included with the new fixture. Normally, a new light fixture will come with a kit, so this shouldn’t be a problem. However, if the fluorescent light fixture didn’t come with a kit, you need to be familiar with the tools, fasteners, and the ceiling or wall material of your home before proceeding as this might cause unnecessary damage (e.g. nails of a certain size will crack some wall, depending on the material).
  • Slip the fixture wires into the circuit box and attach the fixture to the box using screws.
  • Now that you’ve installed the fixture, attach the fluorescent light bulb to the fixture just by snapping the two objects into place. In some cases, you might need to use screws in attaching.
  • Turn the power of your home on.
  • Do some tests. First, test if the wall switch is working properly. Then, check if other appliances or electrical components are working properly. If you notice something different like flickering lights, or if a certain part of the house doesn’t have electricity, turn the main power switch of your home off immediately and call your local electrician.

Now that you have the basic knowledge, look for areas with old fluorescent bulbs or rooms in your house that need more lighting so that you can install new fluorescent light fixtures.


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