How To Install Mini Blinds

For the installation of Vinyl mini blinds you will need these items:

  • screw driver or cordless drill works well
  • tape measure
  • pencil
  • hacksaw (for inside window installation)
  • small frame square
  • small step ladder
  • level (for outside window installation)


  1. First, you will want to determine if you are installing the mini blind on the out side of the window, or the inside of the window. If you are installing inside the window determine your inside dimensions before purchasing the mini blinds. This ensures that a good fit will be made. You will also need to determine the length of the mini blinds, which is determined by using your tape measure and measuring the length of the window. A tip, measure the top width, the middle width and the bottom width. That way, you can make sure that the window is square and use the narrowest measurement.
  2. Once you have measured the window and purchased your mini blinds you need to determine the center of the window. Take your tape measure and measure the inside dimension of the window. Write this measurement down and divide this by 2 (or halve the measurement). This will give you the center point. Take your pencil and measuring tape and mark the halfway point. With the pencil make a small point, so later you can use the eraser head and remove the mark.
  3. For inside mini blind two C shaped plastic hangers will be included, notice that two small holes are on the inside. The plastic hanger will have the side open, and the front open. With the side where the two small holes are, place the plastic hanger to the inside of the window. With your pencil and measuring tape make a small mark a 1/8" below the top of the window. Screw in your mounting hardware with the two screw included with your mini blinds.
  4. For the outside mini blind, measure the mini blind top, write this measurement down and divide this by 2. With the pencil and measuring tape mark the center point of the mini blind. You will line up the mark you made on the window with the mark that you have made on the mini blind. This will ensure that you center the mini blind correctly. For outside installation it is good if you can have someone help you by holding the mini blind, take your pencil and make a mark for the mounting hardware on the left, and with the level check to make sure the mini blind is level and make a mark for the mounting hardware on the right. Screw in the mounting hardware.
  5. Once you have the mini blind hanging freely, place the two plastic holder tabs inside the mounting hardware. This prevents the mini blind from coming out of the mounting hardware. For inside mini blinds check to make sure that the bottom of the mini blinds are move easily up and down with the draw string. If not, you may need to trim both sides. Many times the plastic end stop prevents the mini blind from moving easily up and down the window. This can be trimmed by taking down the mini blind, remove the plastic end pieces from the bottom. Take your small framing square and make a pencil mark for both sides, for example mark a 1/4" for both sides. Take you hacksaw and simply remove the excess. The mini blinds are normally plastic or aluminum the hack saw will remove the excess easily. Place the plastic end pieces on the mini blinds and you are done.


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