How To Install Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are a sophisticated way to add charm and interest to any room. They feature soft fabric pleats and come in a variety of colors. Translucent roman blinds can allow natural light in while providing privacy and comfort. When raised, their pleats become apparent adding an interesting and attractive element to the room. Installing roman blinds is not a difficult thing to do yourself, and only requires a few simple tools.

There are two ways to mount your blinds, either inside mount or outside mount. With an inside mount, the blinds will be inside the window frame. With an outside mount, they are mounted outside the frame. For an inside mount, you will need to carefully measure your window inside the frame for both length and width, as you must be very exact. You have more leeway with outside mounted blinds and just need them to be larger than the window you are covering.

The roman blinds will come with an installation kit that will include the brackets and screws you need to mount them. If you are going to inside mount them, you do not want the brackets to be flush with the top of the window frame. The reason is you will need enough clearance for the blinds to be opened. Position the brackets down a couple inches from the top and make sure they are level with each other before screwing them in place. For an outside mount, mount the brackets either to the top of the window frame or to the wall. Make sure the brackets are aligned and level before screwing them in place.

Place the head rail of the roman blinds into the mounting brackets. There should be posts on the brackets that will fit into slots on the head rail. Raise and lower the blinds to ensure there are no obstructions. If there is not a safety toggle on the cord that is used to raise the blinds, you may want to purchase one or tie the cord up if there are small children in the home, as it can pose a safety hazard.

New window treatments are one of the easiest and least expensive ways to update your décor. It takes very little time to put roman blinds up, and they will stay attractive for many years with proper care. Vacuum your blinds with the upholstery attachment regularly to keep them dust free and clean.


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