How To Install Siding

The choice of siding depends on where you live. The snow storms in the US Northeast are much more severe than a hot day in Arizona. The siding of choice in the Northeast US is aluminum and treated lumber. It is treated to help reduce the disintegration and rotting of wood. It also resists insect infestation. Regardless of the material, siding is installed in the same manner.

Step 1

Find out the dimensions of your house. Have someone walk around with you, measure all sides, up and down as well as sideways. Multiplying the numbers gives you a square foot reading. Talk to the local lumber yard and ask them to determine how much siding will be required to cover your house.

Step 2

Have the lumber yard deliver all of the siding at once. Ask them to bring it in, and stack it on 2x4s too keep it off the ground.

Step 3

Use ladders or build scaffolding. Using scaffolding is easier and safer than trying to work off ladders when you begin installing the siding.

Step 4

Place the scaffolding 4x4s parallel to the house. Install the jacks with a board connecting them. You should end up with scaffolding that can be raised and lowered depending upon where you are in the installation process.

Step 5

Starting at the bottom work up and around windows. The siding should overlap at least two-three inches to prevent water infiltration. If in doubt, check with the manufacturer or on the bags the siding comes in. Continue to work up the side of the house, once completed; relocate the scaffolding to the next side. Always trim around windows as you are working. They will be difficult to trim after you have completed the installation.

Step 6

Using prepainted or colored siding. This allows you to skip the painting process and it should last for decades before requiring repainting.

Once you're finished with the installation, you can relax and be assured that your home not only looks great, it is also well insulated, reducing your heating costs. The additional expense of new siding can easily be made up if you ever sell your home.


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