How To Install Staircase Risers

Stairs have various designs and made up of different materials. Though its main function is to allow us to go to the next floor of the house or building, its design can also add to the style of the house or building. There are straight staircase and spiral staircase. Some are made with woods and others with steel. The parts of the staircase are staircase risers, treads, stringer and landing. The staircase landing is the space on the floor after the last step. Staircase risers are the materials which close the space between the steps. Staircase stringers are put on the left and right side of the stairs for support. Some people prefer their stairs not to have staircase risers. However, some prefer to have staircase risers especially if there are kids in the house. If the kid is just small or starting to crawl, the open space between the steps can be dangerous to them. You can install staircase risers while making the stairs or if you already have the stairs built but do not have the staircase risers, you can always install these to close the space between the steps.

Here are the steps you need to do to install staircase risers:

  • The materials you need to install staircase risers are woods for your risers and stringers or you can also buy risers and stringers which had already been cut on stores selling home building materials.  You will also need glue for wood, nails, hammer and sandpaper.
  • Measure the space between the steps on your stairs so that you will know the measurement for your stringers and risers. Cut woods based on the measurement that you got or buy stringers and risers with the measurement you got.
  • Using the sandpaper, sand the edges of the stringers and risers to make these smooth.
  • Apply glue on the edge of the stringers so that it will stick to the sides of the steps. Place these on both sides between steps to support the risers.
  • Apply glue on the edge of the risers so that these will stick on the steps and stringers. Put the risers in between the steps and stringers and let the glue dry. The glue will make it easier for you to secure the risers and stringers because these will stay in place when putting the nails.Once the glue is dry, use nail and hammer to secure the risers and stringers. Make sure to use enough nails especially on top and bottom edges of the stringers and risers to avoid these from falling apart.
  • Repeat the steps until you are able to install all risers needed on your stairs.

You now have staircase risers which will prevent any accidents that may be caused by the gap between the steps of your stairs. If you are installing the risers as well as the treads, you can install the treads and risers alternately so that you have something to step at. You can also use a ladder to install risers on higher parts of the stairs. You can also stain and top coat your risers for a better finish.


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