How To Install Stone Veneer on a Fireplace

A fireplace brings warmth especially when the temperature is cold. It also gives a certain feeling of comfort and relaxation. This is perhaps the reason why families love gathering around it to chat and spend quality time together. Before, fireplace was used for cooking. But now, it’s used usually in the living room to feel warm on a cold day. This also adds on the design of the house. Bricks were used then to make a fireplace. Years passed and stones were also used in making fireplace. Today, stone veneers are also used in making these. Stone veneers are used not only in making fireplace but also used in building other parts of the house like the garden and walls. Stone veneers are materials which were made to look like stones.

If you have a fireplace made of bricks and you want to upgrade its look, you can use stone veneers to make it look like it’s made with real stones. The difference between stone veneers and real stones are stone veneers are cheaper than real stones, these are also lighter and you can choose different designs and colors which is best to make your house look more beautiful. Though there are advantages, there are also the negative sides in choosing stone veneers than real stones such as stone veneers are not as strong as real stones and these can’t be used again once you remove these from where these were placed. However, if you will be upgrading your fireplace on your own and you don’t want to spend much, you can use stone veneers.

To install stone veneers on your fireplace, follow the steps below:

  • The fireplace should be thoroughly clean before you begin putting the stone veneers. Get a scrub brush, water and soap and use these to clean the fireplace. After cleaning, rinse completely with clean water and dry properly using rags.
  • Once the fireplace is dry, you can now start mixing the stone veneer mortar in a bucket. Follow the instructions on the stone veneer mortar package on how to do this. Stone veneer mortar is used to attach the stone veneers to the surface where you will be putting these. It’s like using cement when putting tiles.
  • Get your trowel and apply some of the mixed stone veneer mortar on the bricks. The application should only be a thin layer. Make sure to cover the whole bricks and smooth the layer so that the bricks will not show when you put the stone veneers.
  • Put the veneer stones on top of the thin layer of mixed stone veneer mortar to cover the whole fireplace. Make sure to check on the mixed stone veneer mortar because this gets hard. If it gets hard, you need to throw the mixture and mix another pack on the bucket.
  • Use a rubber mallet to gently tap the stone veneers to secure properly on your fireplace. Apply the mixed stone veneer mortar and stone veneers until you covered the whole area on the fireplace where you would like to add the stone veneers.

Let the mixed stone veneer mortar which you apply in the fireplace dry. Once dry, you can use your fireplace with its new look.


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