How To Install Vinyl Blinds

Vinyl blinds present a very clear and neat window dressing. They allow you to let the right amount of light in and keep your privacy, with easy to clean surface. Installing vinyl blinds is very easy and quick. Here are the steps to install vinyl blinds. Make sure you measure your window before you buy the vinyl blinds.

Things you will need: screwdriver or a hammer.

  1. Measure your window. Most vinyl blinds will fit the window length; the excess can be scrolled up with the string. So measure the width of the inside of the window frame.
  2. Purchase the vinyl blinds. If you purchase the wrong size you should be able to return them for the right size. Depending on the store's policy....
  3. Remove the vinyl blinds from the box. Unwrap the vinyl blind, but leave all cords tied. To determine placement of vinyl blind, hold up to the window frame. You will have 2 plastic pieces that you will need to nail or screw to the inside of the window at the top. Make sure the opening is facing you.
  4. Once the plastic pieces are securely in place into the inside of the window, place the top of the vinyl blind into the plastic piece.
  5. Look inside the box for the plastic covers. These are about 1 square inch in size. They will slide right into the plastic pieces to keep the vinyl blinds from sliding out during normal use.
  6. Lower the blinds to cover the whole window. You will need to cut off the excess string. Make sure you tie a knot back into the end of the string to prevent it from getting lost in the blind.
  7. Attach the tilt wand. Hook the long rod to the top of the vinyl blind.

To Operate:

  • To tilt the slats, rotate the wand left or right.
  • To raise the blinds, pull the cord downand to the right.
  • The blinds will lock in desired height.

To lower the blinds, gently pull the cord toward the left of blind until lock is released. Slowly let the cord slip through your fingers until blind reaches desired height. Move cord back toward right of the blind and release. Blind will lock automatically. Remember to keep blinds tilted open while raising and lowering. Use warm water and non-abrasive soap to clean.


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