How To Install Whole House Surge Protection

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Surge protection is an important house requirement in order to protect your home from accidents such as a tidal wave of power surges. A tidal wave of electrical energy can burn out your refrigerator, fry the temperature control of your oven, and destroy your computers and all plugs in the house. 

Reasons why surge protectors are necessary

To avoid incurring loses because of the effects of surges, a whole house surge protection can be installed. Plugging personal computers into a power belt does not solve the problem. In the first place, if you are the owner of the house and you should aim for the best. Some surge protectors are only good kinds of extension cords.

A surge or spill over of power will trail any cable into a house — cable and phone lines, televisions, fax machines, modems and computer. Home appliances and computers are susceptible to the effects of surges.

How to install whole house surge protection

For the entire house to have a surge protector, an electrical professional must be hired to do the job. However, the following procedure may be observed:

  1. Two slots of circuit breaker, empty, are needed in the main power panel.
  2. To protect each power phase, two 20-amp circuit breakers may be installed. A tandem or piggyback breaker is not recommended because the power comes from only one phase.
  3. As an alternative, a 220 volts 20 amp breaker may be used. The hot leads of the surge protector must not be connected to the circuit breakers with other loads because it will give reduced effectiveness.
  4. Installation is simple because instructions are included in the purchase of a surge protector but a skilled electrician is more eligible to install it.
  5. Buy a surge protector with indicator lights. This will let you know that it is working. There are many brands of house surge protectors such as Leviton or Intermatic.

Installing a whole house surge protector gives the homeowner peace of mind. Power surges may come from different sources but if your whole house is protected you are assured of a good investment. Surge protection is not very expensive when compared to the damages that surges will cause if your house is not protected.

Homeowners should not suffer the damage caused by power surges. With proper protection they will not even know what is happening during power surges. Any brand would give a good protection as long as it is properly installed in the load center. There is no need to buy an expensive brand. The whole house must be protected so that there are no burnt appliances or fried refrigerators. The solution is installing a whole house surge protection system. Some brands have 5-year warranty.

Power surge damages or destroyed appliances may not be returned to its original state. Microprocessors of modern appliances are worth protecting because replacement units are more expensive. Since most people consider surge protector as an investment, homeowners should be convinced that before moving into a new home, this protection is installed in the house.


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