How To Install Wood Blinds

Okay, so you finally purchased the wood blinds you have always wanted. The wood blinds are the color and style you want. Now, you want to install wood blinds yourself. This is a great way to cut down on labor costs. Inside the wood blinds box are instructions on how to install wood blinds. In case these instructions are not clear to you, here are some more precise instructions:

To install wood blinds is easy, as long as the instructions are followed to the letter. Sometimes, the manufacturer instructions are too technical for a layperson and therefore you need to seek easier installation instructions. If you plan to install interior wooden blinds, it should take no longer than an hour. It would be best to have no one, especially children, around while installing wood blinds.

If you want a friend to help, by all means, ask for some help. It will be nice to have an extra pair of eyes when installing the brackets. Also, it is best to remove all the parts in the box to install wood blinds and have them in front of you for easy access and to see if any parts are missing.

Once all the parts are out of the box, it is time to look for the brackets needed for each side of the window. Since the brackets will be placed inside the window, all that needs to be done is pencil in where the brackets will be placed, pick up your cordless drill and with a steady hand, standing on a safe and secure ladder, begin to drill each bracket into the inside window. Make sure the correct drill bit, 1/16 in diameter, is being used for the particular window brackets.

With brackets in place, use a leveler to make sure the brackets are all the same. Even if the brackets are off by 1/8 of an inch, it could be a disaster once the wood blinds are placed in the window. To make sure this does not occur, have in some wood shim pieces among items needed to install wood blinds. If the wood shim is too long, simply shave off the excess with a utility knife. It is important the brackets are installed properly so please; do not be in a rush to install wood blinds.

Finally, before installing the wood blinds, the brace screws will need to be loosened. Now, lift the wood blind up, with help if needed, to the bracket lips, push the wood blind into place. Once again, with care, re-screw the braces attached to the wood blinds. Now that the wood blind is installed, test it by either pulling on the cord or if cordless, pull from the center for the blind until the blind is completely down. If the wood blind does not fall down or come loose, the wood blinds were installed the right way.


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