How To Install Woven Blinds

These days, it is becoming real trendy to dress home or condo windows with Woven Blinds. This is especially true if the homeowner lives by the beachfront or lakefront. There is just an attraction to Woven Blinds and beachfront or lakefront homes. Woven blinds give the feeling of living free from stress or a work environment. With this being said, if the homeowner wants to save money with having Woven Blinds added to their windows, the best bet would be for the homeowner to install the Woven Blinds themselves. They are quite easy to install with the instructions right here.

  1. Anchor screws, plastic or lead, and the hollow wall anchors, are not included in the Woven Blinds boxes. This is something the homeowner will need to ask for with purchasing the Woven Blinds.
  2. When you purchase the Woven Blinds, two installation brackets, mounting screws and auxiliary support brackets are inside the box. These are different from the screws in step one above.
  3. To install the Woven Blinds, everyone will need a pencil, scissors and a drill, 7/64" drill bit. If you do not have a 7/64" drill bit, you can instead use a hammer or finishing nail. Along with these hardware items, you will need a screwdriver with a medium sized blade, a level and a 1/16" drill bit.
  4. There are three ways to install the Woven Blinds. Whether the Woven Blinds are Roman or Roll-Up Blinds, they can be installed as an inside hanging (ceiling mounted) blind, an outside hanging (wall mounted) blind or an outside hanging (ceiling mounted) blind.
  5. An inside hanging Woven Blind means the top of the blinds are installed inside the window ceiling. Each window has four sides and the Woven Blinds would be installed, with brackets, on the top ceiling of the window. This should be easy to picture in the homeowner's mind too. If you want the Woven Blinds installed on the outside of the window, using the brackets, the top of the Woven Blinds would be screwed in right above the window. The Woven Blind would then give the effect of having a valance at the top. Finally, the Woven Blinds can be installed as an outside hanging blind where the blinds will be overlapping the window casing. The blinds would be installed with mounting brackets to the ceiling with screws and the screws would then slide through head rail slots. Once this is completed, the head rails will then be secured to wing nuts.

Installing Woven Blinds without professional help can be rewarding to any homeowner. It just takes time and patience. Once the Woven Blinds are installed, every time you open the blinds, you will said, "I did this all on my own."


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