How To Insulate Garage Doors

Insulating your garage doors is fairly easy. It is also effective if you want to keep out rain or snow, as well as insects and other bugs from entering your garage. Since it can keep the cold out during winter time, your energy consumption on heaters will be considerably reduced, especially if your garage is attached to the house.

If you want to insulate your garage doors, here are the steps you need to do.

Choose the appropriate insulation. There are various insulation material types and insulation kits sold online or in hardware stores today. You can opt to go for polystyrene or polyurethane foam sheathing, reflective foil, or weather strips as the insulation material.

In deciding on their effectiveness, check the R grade. If the R grade is high, that means it can keep the cold out during winter. Consequently, a lower R grade may not be so effective.

Use proper working attire and prepare the necessary tools.
Insulation materials may cause itching when it touches the skin so make sure that you have the proper clothes before installing insulation. Protect yourself by wearing goggles, gloves, mask, or work boots.

Also, depending on the type of material you plan to use, you’ll need a putty knife, aluminum foil tape, glue, or panel brackets.

Clear the garage. The insulation material is compressed when packed. But once opened, it can take a lot of area. So, make sure that you clear the garage of cars and other objects before starting the installation. Make sure that the insulation has a lot of space available on the flooring.

Take the necessary measurement. Measure the height and width of your garage door panels to identify the size and number of insulation materials to buy.

Install the insulation.
Take out the insulation from the packaging and cut into the size of the panels of the garage door. If you’re using polyurethane foam as insulation material, just tuck it along the garage door panels after cutting. Wrap it with foil tape made of aluminum and that’s it. If you’re using the stiffer polystyrene foam, you need to use glue to attach it to the garage door panels. Keep it in place with panel brackets.

If you plan to use weather strips, just paste the pieces on the garage door after removing the back layer. Use pressure to make sure it sticks to the surface of the door. You can also nail the material to keep it secure and firm.

If you decided to purchase a kit specifically for garage doors, just read the instructions on how to install it to your garage door panels.

Check the installation. After installation, close the garage doors and check if air is able to get in or not. Check if compression bubbles have formed under the door. Likewise, ensure that the stripping is secure on the sides. If not, make the necessary adjustments.

Insulating your garage doors is fairly easy. Just don’t forget to fully cover all the sides and ensure that the insulation is firmly in place so you don’t end up needing to replace them after a short period of time.


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