How To Iron a Satin Dress

Satin is smooth to the skin and is one of the most glamorous fabrics for dresses. Satin dresses do not usually need to be ironed since they do not crumple easily. But there are some instances that they need to be ironed, especially when kept in a box or in a bag. But you have to be mindful about how to iron satin dresses to prevent them from getting ruined.

  • Set your iron at the lowest level. This is to ensure that your dress will not be burned when you are ironing.
  • Iron a small portion. Make sure that the heat of the iron that you are using is going to be acceptable to the dress. You can occasionally turn the iron on and off so that there will not be too much heat applied to the dress.
  • Do not spray water on your dress. Spraying water or any liquid will be beneficial to other cloth types, but not for satin. This will instead damage your clothing. Make sure that your dress is fully dry and has no wet spots.
  • Lay your dress flat on the ironing board. Make sure that your ironing board is free of any clutter so that you will not have any problems with bumps. Make sure that you will place another cloth on top of your silk dress before ironing. This will allow the heat not to directly penetrate the satin dress and prevent damage to your satin dress.  Make sure that there will be no folded area since the satin will easily fold.
  • Run through your iron. The iron should be run through carefully and only once so that you will not run through your dress again. Do not iron parts that do not seem to have any crumple on them. It is better off that way. Start at the bottom of your dress and working your way up. This will ensure that the top of your dress will not be damaged, even if there could be damages on the lower side.
Set aside the iron from time to time so that you could flatten the dress and look for any wrinkle that needs to be ironed. You can flip the dress over so that you can iron the back side of the dress when you are done with the front side. This will allow heat to be released at the lower part of the dress. Be sure to flatten the dress so that there will be no wrinkles that will be visible on the other side.
  • Hang your dress. It is necessary for you to hang your dress separately with the use of a hanger so that your newly ironed dress will not crumple. This will also let the dress cool and be ready for the occasion.

Ironing a sensitive dress, like one that is made with satin, is a somewhat complicated thing to do. But being meticulous is a must so that your dress will have a longer lifespan and can be enjoyed by other ladies in your family.


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